Sunday, 12 June 2011

Workout: (June 11) How to get buns of steel!

June 11, 2011—I did my workout at 12:05AM, which technically makes it my workout for June 12, but I still consider it to be for the eleventh.

Again, I tried my fucking best to beat Zuzana’s time of 10 minutes and 48 seconds on the 300 Squats Challenged but I still failed! I finished 100 full squats by 3 minutes and 20 seconds, the next hundredth ended at 7 minutes and 40 seconds, and the last hundredth ended at 11 minutes and 39 seconds! I finished 300 full squats in 11 minutes and 39 seconds. Still not good enough. You know…I could easily beat Zuzana’s time, but I have to cheat! And you know how well I don’t cheat with my reps and my forms. I shall conquer this challenge (I’m attempting to go at it again tonight, it’s almost 12MD)IMG_1599-horzIf you want awesome butt cheeks or just toned buns in general, you should definitely do squats EVERYDAY. Like 300 everyday. Suck it up! You’ll get used to the agonizing pain of not stopping till the last rep. Say helloooo to legs that feel like jell-o!

After doing the 300 Squats Challenge, I did the Run the World Workout

Here’s my score:

Lunges (L)—16, 16, 17 (right leg cramps but still kept going)

Lunges (R)—17, 17, 18

Crazy Cali Exercise Combo—finished 27 reps

Side Crunches (L)—23, 22, 22

Side Crunches (R)—20, 25, 20

IMG_1614My favorite exercise would be the side crunches! Anything that has to do with sculpting the midsection, actually. I know what having a belly full of bulging fat feels like (come on, I was 170 pound before—and I don’t think I’m going to want to go back to that)  I was sweating profusely as always… Took a shower at 1:00AM and slept at 6:00AM. Oh the life I live… and with that I end this post.



  1. wow say!kelan ka 170 lbs?and what do you eat the entire day?

  2. Hi Amanda. It was March 2009 when I weighed that heavy. I eat normally. But I don't eat junk food. Also, I eat oatmeal as much as possible instead of rice.

  3. You inspire me Say! From 170 pounds to THIS! Wow amazing! Grabe! I've been on diets.. but deep down I know what I really need is exercise. Trots off to and checks it out..

  4. Hi Kai! Thank you so much! I love reading "You inspire me Say!" <3 You should be a BodyRocker

  5. Wow I am so inspired too! I used to weigh 106 and now I'm 92, but I'm yet to lose the flabs. Tamad ako mag-exercise lately. :(

    And my butt is in bad shape. Read: flat. Will squats be able to help me? :))

  6. Hi Janinay! :) Wow, good for you! Don't worry, if you do it everyday masasanay ka din. :) Squats will definitely make your butt look toner and sexier! ;)

  7. Hi Say! How did you start managing your weight? I mean from 170, you look really fit and sexy right now. Can you post your routine + diet tips + exercise tips? Please! You inspire a lot of people including me! I can't believe you just turned 20! Love your blogs! Wish I could meet you. <3 Ivy

  8. Hi Ivy! :) It was hard work :( You just have to keep working on it. Never stop. I'll be starting my diet posting tomorrow, Sunday. :D I hope you can check it out everyday! :D I wish to meet you as well! :D