Wednesday, 27 July 2011

My Korean Heaven: Hanayo

If you know me well enough, you’d know how much I love Korean food. It all started when my boyfriend, Paulo, introduced me to Shin Ramyun. I’ve been hooked since then! I remember when I used to stay @ their place here in Manila the past years, I’d wake up to a half-eaten bowl of Shin Ramyun. He knows I love it, so he always leaves some for me! He loves Ramyun as well.

I’ve posted an entry about my lunch @ Hanayo with my friends [with April, who came back from Canada] and I think I mentioned that it was my first time to eat @ Hanayo’s. I always heard about it before, but I never really knew where it was located and didn’t really bother to look for it since I was contented with my supermarket-bought Shin Ramyun from Nong Shim! When I had the chance to try it out, I was positive that I was going to come back for a second visit.

That second visit happened when word-of-mouth passed around that our Marketing Research professor wasn’t going to attend class.  We left 15 minutes after, and headed to Hanayo. I was with my friends, Maika, Dana, Pauline and Marg. We had our orders taken already when our classmate called us up and told us Sir Lao attended class! You could imagine our panic! We immediately asked for our orders to be taken out. We spent about 10 more minutes before we ran back to class.

I ordered Tom Rameon with Rice Rolls (and it’s soup!) so I was running with hot soup on a microwavable plastic container. The iced tea was also huge. IMG_3143True enough, we were marked LATE for that particular class. I didn’t even enjoy eating in class! It was too…uncomfortable. I only had chopsticks and a plastic spoon. I didn’t want to mess up my lip color so I used the spoon and painstakingly ate my tom rameon. It was spicier than the rameon—and I liked it!

The rice rolls tasted chubby. I know that’s not a proper adjective for food, but it did! It tasted chubby. Imagine, elongated fish balls.IMG_3147Now here’s the kimchi that I love soooooo much! Do you have any idea what this is? I mean, I know it’s kimchi, but what is it?IMG_3148I told Paulo about this place, and when he comes back here for vacation, it’s gonna be a date! I’m waiting for you babe, I love you! :)


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