Tuesday, 30 August 2011

How You Doing?

Hi everyone!

It’s past 3:00AM and I just finished “working”. By work I mean my video-posting and blogging. It can get really tedious at times, but no way am I complaining! I love this kind of work! ;)

This post is totally just going to be a random one. Figured I might just gather all the new photos worth blogging and just talk about ‘em.

School has been stressful during the past weeks, but I’m coping! I have to meet a lot of deadlines, and being only one human being, I need extra TIME to finish everything. (I have told you so many times how I wanted to get an assistant, right?) Nevertheless, I know that’s not going to happen in this lifetime, might as well manage my time better.

I’ve been loving my new apps for photography and I just wanna share some beautiful shots I took with my iPhone 4 at my university (UST):IMG_4137IMG_4159

Beautiful, aren’t they? I promise to blog about those apps soon! I will make it informational and worth-reading, I tell ya.

I had dinner @ Hanayo a few days ago with a good friend of mine, Trizia (Hi Trish!) and I guess you already know what I ordered! Omnomnom. What can I say? I’m hooked like a magnet! The dumplings are out of this world.IMG_4167Oh yeah, I met up with Val of AigooShoppe last week! She gave me the 1st pair of lashes to be reviewed! Val looked really young, so I was surprised to know that she already graduated! She’s a fellow Thomasian, and that made me really happy! I love meeting people from UST! Especially the ones whom I do business with. Val offered me partnership with Aigoo Shoppe, which is such a blessing, I must say! New [and free] lenses every 2 months, baby! See…I told you my “work” is fun. ;) Val also bought lashes from me—now I’m down to nada. I need to restock…and fast! Retailers are everywhere! *Please wait, my darling customers! I promise to post the 4th batch of lashes ASAP!

Going back to the lenses, I had to do a product shoot the other night in preparation for the blog posting and video filming so I started opening the vials and GOSH, it was harder than opening a can of Century Tuna!!! I was so afraid of slicing my hand (because I remember XiaXue posting a photo of the same vials and commenting on how sharp the aluminum seals are) So there I was, like a little girl, trying to pry the vials open. I got clever and used a 1 peso coin and successfully opened both vials! No cuts, even!IMG_4170And voila!!! The beautiful CM905 3-Tone Violet GEO Lenses! (Go to my beauty blog for more info)IMG_4171I’ve been staying after school to have dinner with my blockmates lately, and I must really say that I do not like Wendy’s. I forced myself to eat 3 burgers from there (separate days, of course) for the sake of satisfying my hunger. Of all fast food establishments, I do NOT like Wendy’s. I really really don’t.

You call this a burger? Eccch.IMG_4179The fries can do. But then again, I’m not a fan.IMG_4180

I was about to go to bed the other night; I checked my blog for the last time and I was totally surprised to see this! IMG_4187MY BEAUTY BLOG MADE IT TO THE #17 SPOT IN TOPBLOGS! (Relax, I know it’s not permanent, but come on! #17! Someday I’ll reach the Top 10.

Sunday, August 29, was a filming day for me. I was going to cancel since the rain started pouring, but after a few hours, the skies got brighter—which means GREAT lighting for my filming. (Yeah, I use natural lighting—best one there is)

I had to take breaks since I was down to filming 5-6 videos. Shared photos in Instagr.am and FB while on a break!

LONG HAIR! Took me 3 years, baby.IMG_4190My sister’s earcuffs are the bomb!!! The Style Prodigy Shop is definitely going somewhere! I know something which you don’t!!! And I’m not allowed to say it just yet. All I can say is I’m so proud and happy for my sister!!! Just a little plug (it won’t hurt!) go to http://www.thestyleprodigyshop.blogspot.com to order her beautiful earcuffs! They’re the hottest! Oh and see that bracelet I’m wearing? That one’s from Tiny Pink Bow, I love it! Go to http://www.tinypinkbow.multiply.com to get yours!  IMG_4193“Happiness is a choice.” IMG_4195Let’s get sweaty! I recently entered a new 30-day torture challenge. Nothing feels greater than waking up and feeling like SuperWoman! Move it!!!

P.S. I kill myself with squats everyday. It’s the only way to get gorgeous buns, woman!IMG_4214I’ve been meaning to get a mani-pedi, but my hectic schedule is hindering me from doing so. So a few days ago, I played my own manicurist and painted my nails red! I absolutely love this two combination. Both from Revlon! (All Fired Up + Quick Dry Top Coat—which dries up in 30 freaking seconds!) Available in all Revlon counters. You want prices? For the nail enamel it’s 225, top coat, 275. Don’t worry! It’s worth the moolah!IMG_4184I was cleaning up this morning and I found all the boxes of my prized possessions… Can you believe I started out with NADA? (Well, we all do!) All the thanks and praise goes to the Great Guy up there! IMG_4219So this is the routine that I’ll be doing for 30 days straight! I know, I know. Just think of it as masochism, baby.IMG_4208

New videos on YouTube! I have uploaded 3 new ones (others pending) you might wanna check ‘em out!


It’s quarter to 4:00!!! I have to get some sleep! Getting up in 4 hours to get ready for a gig.

Ciao ciao!


  1. What a great post Say!~ It was fun meeting you too! I was always wondering how meeting you in person feels like :P lol

    First time I knew bout you was thru your blog post of Etude Bubble Hair dye :P

    I must commend you for your workout routine! I always get lazy to do crunches and all since I stopped training for track and field when I was in high school :P Inspired me to work my ass off again :P

    Love you Say! <3

  2. Hi Val! You are just the SWEETEST! Thank you so much for reading my personal blog :D Love you too!!!