Saturday, 21 July 2012

Grocery Shopping, Coco Cabana & Food

Ever since I dived into this whole healthy eating lifestyle I find myself in the supermarket quite often! I don’t dread it, though. I love strolling inside the supermarket! I guess the only thing I can say about healthy eating is that it is expensive. Gosh.

Here I am while waiting in line. “Expression-less” at the checkout counter.


One of the lunches I whipped up! Well, not exactly. Mom cooked chopseuy for me! And it goes pretty well with lettuce ;)


I did the No Mirror Makeup challenge after seeing Judy do it! It was so much fun! Watch my video here:


Bought a new top from CoCo Cabana! I love the sheerness and looseness of everything. PHP699.75 roughly 700.00 Beautiful. Who says you can’t be sexy while covered up?


Inside my grocery basket recently! I always run out of lettuce, milk, and yogurt. Sometimes I feel like I’m a horse eating up all the grass… Oh yeah, see those Dole plastic packages? Those are amazing. Completely washed and perfect for one meal. Bought 3 of those and then we have 2 packs of the Hearts of Romaine. 2 tubs of yogurt and a cereal box from Nestle Fitnesse.


Inside the dressing room. Just thought it would be fun to make a face.


Something new from The French Baker :) Ordered Chili con Carne this time :)


The pancakes I had a few days ago. Peach Pancakes from the Pancake House (Carpark, UST)


Watch the most recent Day in the Life of Say episode! (July 19-20, 2012) Vlogging in School



  1. The food looks great you should the other green leafy vegetables like rocket and spinache ;) they taste great with a nice balsamix dressing.


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