Friday, 23 August 2013

Let it Go | Updates (August 24, 2013)

Hello, dear readers!


Just wanted to take 15 minutes out of my day today and give you guys updates! I haven’t blogged in here since my trip in Davao, but I shall share my wonderful experience in a separate post tonight! I am glad I got home by Monday because if not, I would’ve stayed in Davao for 3 more days because of the unbelievable weather in Manila and the cancelled flights! After Davao, was the Avon event. You all know how much of a passionate vlogger I am. It was such an eventful night and much to my horror, as I was transferring my files to my PC, the freaking card got CORRUPTED and I was only able to transfer 2 video files. EVERYTHING ELSE—gone. My vlog with Anne, with Lauren Andersen, the international makeup artist, the food, my fellow bloggers. Thinking about all the things I lost makes me wanna cry. But if you think about this, this must be a blessing in disguise. I actually tried over a hundred (just exaggerating) video file fixers/recovery softwares but to no avail. They were able to recover the videos but the videos are all broken now and cannot be played anymore. My heart broke.

Come to think of it, it’s better to let go than to keep holding on! It seriously stressed me out, so I told myself, “Hayaan mo na Say. May pictures naman.” So now I feel much lighter. Accepting circumstances lifts a lot of weight off one’s shoulders! The SD card might still have a chance. Mark asked me to let him take a look at it—but if all else fails okay lang. Life goes on!

Okay I still have about 5 minutes to wrap this up as I have a makeup gig at 3PM.

I slept at 4AM as usual because I re-edited my vlogs from Davao. Re-uploaded them, as well! The first part is now up in my channel. My first trip to the beautiful city of DAVAO!!! 

The second part is not uploading and should be up in about 3 hours.

I already booked a hotel for next week as I have a ton of videos to film. Yes, I do that sometimes. Why? Because inside a hotel:

  1. I can have all the space I want (let’s be honest, it’s not always quiet at home. With all our dogs and construction at the unit above us)
  2. I can focus more

All for the love of work.

And yes, more makeup tutorials coming! I have a lot of hauls to share as well. And I am extremely excited!!! I haven’t done hauls in a while!

September is almost here!! And I can feel it. I am excited for all the events! First we have the private selling event with Chedelyn’s Cosmetics Store, Batch 5 of the makeup workshop, and the Creator’s Summit for Philippine Youtubers!

If you haven’t heard of these, here are helpful links:

Private Selling Event (Chedelyn’s) in Manila

Batch 5 of my Personal Makeup Workshop

Creator’s Summit Youtube

That’s it! I’ll be back tonight, dear readers!


  1. Hi Ms. Say , i'm also a blogger like you but i don't have the guts to do some make up video tutorial, that's why i'm just making my own product reviews and food trips in my blog site.I just want to congratulate you and keep up the good work. God bless you more not only in your career but in your personal life and a healthy mind. :) cheers!

  2. I attended this photography workshop and one of the speakers told the class na x-rays in airports is a reason why datas in a memory card get corrupted.There are x-ray proof memory cards in the market, Sand disk is xray proof so I suggest Sandisk na lang gamitin mo. And also, it would be better if we don't use SD cards daw for our DSLRs. :) Just sharing! :)

  3. Hi Say, have you tried Recover My Files?