Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Almost Midnight Workout, Without Makeup On!

May 24, 2011 I had dinner at 6:00PM which gave me enough time to digest what I had and be ready for a workout in about 3-4 hours afterwards. I got carried away with blogging about an awful lot of stuff and decided to take a break to workout already. It was 11:00PM. I did BodyRock.TV’s latest workout—“Run The World Workout” It’s a 12-minute high intensity workout. I wanted to do this since it will only take 12 minutes so I’ll be done by 12 MD. It won’t be too late; if I do my usual (which is My Buns Hurt + 600 Killer Reps + Zumba) it would take me an hour and 30 minutes—and I definitely won’t take a shower at 1:00AM! It was scary enough to shower at 12MD. Felt like someone was watching me. So my sister downloaded the GymBoss Timer app on my phone and it is freaking heaven-sent! Must admit that it took me 10 minutes to set up. Intervals and all. But it’s totally a big help to my workouts—which makes me so happy I don’t have to spend around PHP 2,000 to buy the real Gymboss Interval Timer anymore. (Although it would still be great if I get one!)IMG_0408All you ever need is a pen and a paper/notepad to record your reps. I study the routine before performing them. Like I do one rep of each and get myself familiarized with the steps. Makes it easier to go along with the workout. I make little notes on my record paper/pad so that I won’t forget how it is done… Just the keywords will do. IMG_0407-horz3 Exercises, 4 Minutes each:
  1. 6 ROUNDS OF 10 REST and 30 WORK Back Lunge, Side Lunge (Left- 10, 9, 9 * Right- 11, 9, 10)
  2. 4 MINUTES Crazy Cali Exercise Combo—I was able to finish 25 sets, with perfect push-ups, too! I just realized how much easier it is to push-up with your feet apart, knees off the floor.
  3. 6 ROUNDS OF 10 REST and 30 WORK Side Crunches (Left- 16, 14, 13 * Right- 15, 11, 11) Killed my ab muscles! If you ever wanna give up, take a glance at Zuzana’s body (in a non-perverted way), and you’ll be reminded why you’re doing it.
When 12 minutes was over, I felt dissatisfied... I wanted to do more workouts but I guess 12MD is a deadline for me. I shouldn’t really have taken Dyma Burn too! (Look what it has done to me: it’s 6AM and I am still awake)

Well, the reason why I find this workout easy is probably because I’ve done waaaay too much rounds of the 600 Killer Reps Workout and the other torturous workouts from BodyRock. So it always has to be a combination of two torturous workouts. Always.
And as the title said it, here’s a photo of me without any makeup, totally unglamorous, with zits too because I am one stressed blogger, and I have hormones… Taken right after doing the side crunches. And yeah, I workout with my glasses on.

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