Wednesday, 25 May 2011

How to Poach An Egg

So today I’m going to share to you how I poach an egg. If you follow me on Twitter, you would’ve probably noticed how much I love watching the movie Julie and Julia over and over without getting tired of it. I actually never poached an egg before—but I decided to give it a try and see if it actually tastes like milk cheese (according to Julie).

IMG_0047-horzHere are the reasons why I prefer poaching eggs now over frying:

  1. No oil = lesser calorie-intake
  2. Tastes really fresh, contrary to my initial thought of eating some kind of a disgusting embryotic membrane
  3. Perfect for breakfast

Poaching an egg is basically boiling an egg to me…just without the shell. So duh, you crack it open and cook it. What I do is bring a pan of water to a boil, and then crack the egg open, and drop it in. With a woodle saddle, I “push the white” towards to yolk quickly (as told by Julia in the movie) and then for about 3-4 minutes of simmering. When the egg looks cooked to me, I take a spatula and take it out from the water. I make sure the yolk is still runny—that way I get it reaaaaaal good.

You can go to eHow: to see more instructions and learn about more ingredients that you can use if you like, but I’m sticking to my plain, poached eggs. Fresh & runny. Just the way I like it.

P.S. It does taste like milk cheese.




  1. poached egg is called 'sinoam' (si-no-am) in tagalog =)

  2. I wanna try this tomorrow!! Thanks Say!

  3. Hi Joice! That's cool. Sinoam. :) Thanks for sharing!
    Hi Lourdes! Yeah try it! :)

  4. I'll try this later!!! :D nice post! :)

  5. Hi Amanderrific, I hope you like it!
    Hi Elle! Thank you! Tell me how it goes!

  6. I love poached egg!!! the way i've seen some people do it is interesting.They boil water and stir the water in one direction really fast until it looks like a hurricane and then crack the egg open and drop it, and then a few seconds later you scoop it up.

  7. Ysha! When I read your comment, I just woke up! And so I decided to try doing it with stirring the water--it was perfect! I'm gonna do a post on it tonight. Thank you so much!