Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Chatime Good Tea Good Time

If you were able to read How I Spent the Last Day of April, you'd know how I spent a wonderful overnight stay at my good friend's (Sarah) house. After having dinner, we went to Chatime to have some milk tea and quality time together. 
I was wondering if this was better than Happy Lemon because so far, among all the milk tea that I tried, Happy Lemon is #1.
Upon entering you will be greeted with this lighted sign. The menu. I believe the ones marked with crowns are the best ones. (Well, what else could they mean!)
I wasn't feeling experimental that time so I chose to stick to something safe and ordered the Pearl Milk Tea. I went for the large one, normal sugar level and normal ice level (not really picky with these things). 

I love the packaging, looks neat and pleasing! Just like any other milk tea, actually. Didn't wow me or anything. Tastes like regular milk tea! Which is good.
Only PHP 90.00 for this baby. Well, I'm a milk tea person, so I'm willing to pay this much. It's understandable if some people find it expensive (just for a drink).
Looks mighty yummy, yeah?

Drank half already and there was only one thing in my mind... "Why are there too many pearls?!" I actually felt thirsty from all the chewing! No kidding. 
There was a huge TV playing a movie to keep customers entertained. Also, there were all kinds of board games available. Even cards (which I don't know how to play). My friends all had fun with it, though! 
My stomach ached a few hours after consuming my Pearl Milk Tea. I think we just don't mesh well. You'll end up in the bathroom. So I don't think I'll be going back to Chatime anytime soon (or anytime ever). But I must say it's cool. Not just as cool as Happy Lemon! 
And I have yet to try Serenitea. 


  1. I love milk teas. It is so good to taste and very over whelming.

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