Saturday, 30 April 2011

How I Spent the Last Day of April

I've known these people for over 10 years and each time just keeps getting better and better. I slept late as usual at 6:45AM of April 30th and woke up at 9:10AM instead of 8AM (which I originally planned so as to push through with my 30 minute workout). Dragged myself in the shower and had a quick breakfast. As I was putting on my contact lenses, my eyeballs felt like burning, I started tearing like crazy and I couldn't keep my eyes open! It was like they really needed to close. I think I'm going over the edge with this not sleeping thing. Headed out the door at 10:30. Fetched Ady from her place and headed to Sarah's place. 
It was so nice to see the girls! We were able to go on MSN/YM/Skype with one of our best friends April (the one who lives in Ontario, Canada). We were like high school girls screaming and talking really loud! It was really funny. How sweet it is that our friendship remains intact despite the distance. 
Before heading out to go swimming, we had lunch with Sarah's family. I tell you, she has one of the nicest family ever! It was like de ja vu--we had the same meal together about 5 years ago? We were all so young then. And now we're all turning 20! Can you believe it?
The pool was about a 10-minute drive away from Sarah's place. It was a nice pool, and it's a shame that I still can't swim. You heard me, I don't know how to swim.
If I could do anything in the pool, it's just either doggy-paddle or hold on to the ledges. Other than that I'd be holding on to a floater (what do you call those hard styro boards? I forgot the term.)
It wasn't a hot day, and I didn't care much to cover myself up with sunblock. I don't know. I just didn't care. It would be nice to get a tan. We swam from 2:30-4:30PM, and there was no sun at all. Oh yeah and we saw 3 airplanes fly by the sky...
Here we are after swimming. I love CoverGirl's Lipstick in Parisian Pink. 
After swimming we went to grocery-shop. And here is my basket. I KNOW--a pile of junk. Killer chips, instant noodles, calorie-loaded chocolates, a tiny loaf of bread, OH YEAH and healthy stuff as well--a cup of yogurt, and peach-flavored green tea. How many calories does this all have? This is one night I'm going to be punished for. 
P.S. I did not consume everything at once. 
Our guy friends dropped over and bought us dinner! KFC Chicken + mashed potatoes! We all had a fun dinner together and headed out after a short while for milk tea.

Doesn't this look gorgeous? Tree lights right outside the gate. Would've looked more beautiful w/o the flash, I know.
 On our way to Chatime! Janine drove us to the place in her snazzy Expedition.

I'll be doing a separate post about this beverage. I ordered the Pearl Milk Tea. PHP 90.00. 

They were showing a film on a TV screen. Couldn't figure out what it is.

 Went back to Sa's place by 11:45PM. And as I am typing, they are all asleep. We watched "The Roommate" with crazy Leighton and this movie "From Prada to Nada"--I didn't really pay attention since I'm in front of the screen; it's 4:01AM (again, the morning!) Another Sunday and I'm gonna want to hear mass. Don't want to miss another Sunday mass. I missed last week's! And for some reason I feel incomplete. OH HELLO MAY! 


  1. ooooohhh looks so much fun! I'm missing the philippines so much more. I know shops and restaurants etc. are open much more late than in the U.S. Good times with friends are the best! hehe

    P.S. I don't know how to swim too haha.

  2. awww nothing beats hanging out with friends! and 10 years is such a long time! :D love the pink lipstick on you btw :)

  3. Ysha! I agree with you! Hahaha OMG you don't know how to swim din? Uggghh I need to learn how to!!! Hahah!
    Hi Hazel! Definitely, nothing beats that! ;) Thank you! It's my favorite from CoverGirl! :)