Sunday, 22 May 2011

Happy Lemon, Beard Papa, Nail It! Opening Party @ Greenhills

May 21, 2011 (Saturday)
Scheduled Nail It Opening Party @ 6PM. At around 4:30, my sisters and I went to Greenhills to grab some milk tea and cream puffs before the event. Sabrina (MissCoryPotts) and I agreed on meeting @ Happy Lemon beforehand, as well.IMG_0058I had my usual order @ Happy Lemon! Oreo Milk Tea. My sister Iza ordered the same thing and my other sister Lady had this chocolate pudding milk tea (not sure of the name). Since Happy Lemon was packed, we went in the food court area and sat there instead. My sisters bought cream puffs from Beard Papa. We sat and talked for a good 15 minutes before heading to Nail It! Salon. My hair gave justice to the word “messy bun”. Extremely messy, in my case.IMG_0082IMG_0067IMG_0076-horzIMG_0095-horz1IMG_0098-horz2My sister Iza did not like the taste of Happy Lemon—can you believe it?! And I was beside her saying “Mmmmm…” sip after sip!!! Hahaha. She never really liked anything with tea. And she was disappointed of the cream puffs from Beard Papa. I think she should be called “Picky picky”—like that cat from Ramona and Beezus! Hahaha.
After finishing our drinks, we went to get Sabrina and walked to the Connecticut Arcade where Nail it! Salon is located. Funny thing when I asked the guard where “Connecticut (“kuh-ne-ti-khut”—you know, how Americans say it) Arcade” is, he said, “Konektikat?” I totally heard my sisters laugh. And so from Promenade we walked to Connecticut.IMG_0170DSC01947Finally, we arrived at the venue, and I saw Jariss! Jariss Manlapas is the one who invited me to the event. I also got to work with her at CSB when I did the makeup of the models for a photography class there. She’s the nicest girl, ever. Very welcoming and sweet! Her outfit looked totally beautiful that night, too.
We started getting our nails done. I decided to treat my sisters and Sabrina since they had 50% off each—considering the promo for that day. I only had to pay P270.00  for the three of them. I really had fun chatting with Sabrina while getting our nails done. She’s the funniest person you can ever meet. I feel extremely comfortable when I’m with her! She's one of those people who I already felt a connection with even before we met. This is our second meeting! First meeting was during the Beauty Bloggers Meet-Up in Metro Manila. IMG_0102-horzIMG_0103-horzIMG_0110-horzIMG_0121-horzIMG_0139-horzIMG_0144-horzI chose Monroe’s Red for my nail color. Sab had this unique mermaid-y shade (I forgot what it’s called) and it totally reminded me of Aquamarine! I really liked the way Esther (nail technician) cleaned and pampered my nails. I mean, the whole process of it was just smooth and painless! Except for the time when she massaged my arms and twisted my bad wrist (that was an ouch moment—I can’t do proper push-ups for days now and it’s become worse after that twist) Nevertheless, I loved the mint scent of the lotion she used on me. Plus, she did such an awesome job with my nails! Perfect-o like 100%! No chips, no colors “out of the lines” whatsoever. It was predictable that I’d choose red for my nail color—red has always been my favorite. They use nail polishes from Orly and The Face Shop, so we totally don’t have any problem with quality! Esther used a quick dry top coat so my nails were fully dry after a good 10-15 minutes or so.IMG_0124I went to the counter to pay up. That’s PHP 180.00 for the service I had, plus three more 180.00’s but with 50% off each. We all had cleaning+nail polish. Paid PHP 450.00 all in all. I don’t understand why I didn’t get a 50% off for the service I had since I was an invited blogger—but I didn’t bother asking since the ladies behind the counter were like confused as well. 450 was worth it, though! We all went home with happy nails…DSC01944-horzBefore leaving, we had our photos taken at the Nail It! Photo Wall right outside the venue by the buffet table. Didn’t get a chance to grab a bite since we had to leave right after. Sab and I got the chance to chat with the owner of Nail It! and I found out that they’re going to be opening a branch along Espana—which is freaking amazing! I’m thinking of giving away two free services to my readers in my beauty blog. Still thinking about it!


  1. i love happy lemon!! :D too bad you went home agad!

  2. Ahhh I saw you at Nail it and someone told me you looked like the blogger who won the iphone 4.. If i had known, I would have congratulated you in person.. :) And yeah we were wondering about the promo as well.. I got 50 off coz shopgirljen invited me. She didnt..

  3. @Hazel! We weren't even able to say bye since you were still having your nails done. Was that your bf with you? And Aya, right? :)
    @Kai I wish I could've said hi! It's weird noh? Ang alam ko invited bloggers get a free service. Parang opposite tuloy. But nevertheless, I love my nails!