Sunday, 22 May 2011

Zumba Fitness Event (Sponsored by Xenical)

I found it truly exciting when I got the invite to this event. To think that it’s not beauty/skincare related, too! And remember when I told you guys how I’d choose fitness over beauty? I still would! This event was totally something I looked forward to; but to tell you honestly, I wasn’t going to attend initially since I didn’t know anyone who was going—but later learned that Charles and Hazel would, so I RSVP’d right away although 1 day late! DSC01794Before going to this event, I made a quick stop @ Jenni Epperson’s office to claim the majestic prize that I freaking won (still don’t know about it? READ ME) So the whole Zumba event, I had it in my bag. Praying it won’t get stolen or something, especially when we started dancing. Had to leave it on the chair, buried deeeeep inside my bag. I still have it! (Knock on wood)
San Lorenzo Tower. I was led to the elevator by ladies (who remind me of my work for BFMC) and everyone was totally a stranger to me! I followed the people who were with me, since they were also going to the same event. I signed up as a blogger on the registration area and headed to the restroom to change.DSC01783-horzMy initial outfit was my Nike Determination Sport Bra and tight black pants. This outfit always seemed like a workout outfit to me (even with super short shorts too)! Since you know how I love BodyRock.TV and Zuzana, right? But then again, in Manila—I think it’s slutty for some people. You know? Showing off your skin, in general. Or your tummy, or whatever. So inside the cubicle I was thinking, “Shit should I go in like this?” I was wondering if people in there were wearing the same thing. I decided later on to put a tank over. I went out of the cubicle and studied myself in the mirror. I thought it would look better if the tummy is shown—so I managed to pull the tank just below my chest. And voila… It’s always nice to show off the things you work your ass off for. Don’t you agree? And come on, who the fuck cares if I show my stomach? If we were in America, this would totally be normal. But I guess right now some people are thinking, “Wow Say you’re such a slut.” Awww that’s so nice of you!—meant in the most sarcastic way possible.DSC01786So I went back to the registration area to get my bandana and I heard someone call my name. It was Maica! The girl I sent my RSVP to! It was cool that she recognized me! So I got my Zumba bandana, went back to the restroom and tried to figure out how the hell I was going to wear it. Like, the original way, around my arms, or wherever! I wrapped it around my ponytail instead. And there was this girl who was fixing herself up too. She was so pretty! There was two event-attenders beside us who said, “Ang sesexy naman ng mga batang to!” And that’s when we started talking. I asked her if she’s a blogger as well, turns out, she’s the Zumba instructor! I was like wow! She looked so fit, I tell you. I went ahead of them and mustered up all the courage I could possibly muster before entering the venue.
True enough, people looked. And I was the only freaking one who was wearing something tummy-revealing. Charles and Hazel weren’t even there yet, and I felt extremely alone! But then I sat on the table with strangers, had a nice glass of iced tea until the event finally started. Charles and Hazel arrived about 15 minutes after the event started.They actually served a lot of yummy food! But I didn ’t eat since I knew there would be dancing later on, and I wouldn’t want my tummy to uhh…bloat. So I was sitting there and freaking Ornusa Cadness walked in. She looked sooo beautiful—without makeup on even! I managed to take a few paparazzi photos. Her outfit was gorgeous!DSC01804-horzThe host of the event was the beautiful Bianca Valerio. They introduced Club New You which aims changing the lives of people…helping them live healthier with the help of Xenical, and the latest fitness craze, Zumba. There was this Q & A and all that jazz… about how Xenical works, the effects, the long term benefits, and many many more. There were actually doctors in the panel who made everything clear for everybody. DSC01797DSC01830After introducing Zumba, the dancing started. The girl who I talked to in the restroom started inviting everyone to go up front and join the dancing! I learned that her name is Madel. And my…she could TOTALLY groove. I felt conscious about dancing at first since I TOTALLY DO NOT DANCE AT ALL. But I joined in after a few minutes of contemplating. DSC01853-horzOrnusa Cadness was right in front of me! And it was so cute when she didn’t get the steps, looked behind (at me), raised both her hands and shook her head! She did it twice. (Okay, I counted, so what) I totally enjoyed dancing the Zumba! We were all sweating towards the end. Not BODYROCK-sweating, though. That would be uhh…too much. I seriously hope I don’t have any stolen fat photos taken. There were like 10 cameras around us while we were dancing—and those freaking things add 10 pounds right?DSC01799After dancing, I managed to ask Ornusa, Bianca and Madel for a photo op! They were so nice and gorgeous of course! I felt bad when I couldn’t freaking focused the cam when Hazel was having her photo taken with Ornusa. Her cam is a DLSR. A HEAVY ONE EVEN. And I couldn’t work with the freaking thing. So sorry Hazel! In the remaining minutes, Charles, Hazel and I went to get our photo taken at the photo booth, take photos with the brand manager Gabby and the people from Xenical, and grab a quick bite. DSC01849-horz
I had Quiche Lorraine, some BBQ, pasta, and this “cheeseburger” on white buns (forgot what it’s called, actually) They served a whole lot of desserts! Which is quite ironic! But those macarons totally looked like heaven! Didn’t have any, though.DSC01885
On our way out we were able to meet Maica again! She gave us green bags which contained goodies from Xenical. We said our thanks and goodbyes, headed to the restroom to change, and went home, finally.DSC01902DSC01905
DSC01903-horzThat same night, I danced the Zumba. And oh my goodness—was it the best thing ever.
P.S. “You look most beautiful after a workout.”

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