Wednesday, 25 May 2011

How to Make Yogurt Smoothies

For yesterday’s lunch I made yogurt smoothies! 
Yogurt has a lot of health benefits—no wonder it’s my favorite.  It is known to reduce cholesterol levels, it contains good bacteria that aids in the digestion, and it has a high level of Calcium! According to Livestrong, 1 cup of plain yogurt (416 mg) has almost double the amount of calcium found in a cup of milk (285mg).

Let me brief you on how I did it. It’s totally easy! I’m not even a chef or whatever.
You’re going to need:IMG_0471-horz
  1. Crushed ice OR ice cubes (we didn’t have any crushed ice, so I went for the latter)
  2. Yogurt Mix (these are from Elufa Multilink Corp. I got them during the  IFEX 2011. Couldn’t get enough of the free taste—so I had to buy!)
  3. Blender
Flavors: Yogurt, Yogurt Latte, Strawberry YogurtIMG_0485-horzI’m not gonna give you any measurements and all that shizzle, okay? I mainly approximated everything! Methinks I did a great job on it, since I ended up filling a full glass—no excess (for the first two beverage; I went overboard in the third one) IMG_0479-horzPour in the powder inside the blender, add ice (crushed or cubes), and about 1 glass of water.IMG_0487-horzBlend it all together! Don’t forget to hold the cover down, else make a smoothie mess in the kitchen!IMG_0494-horzPour into a glass. (We used ice cubes, so there is 99.9% chance of fat chunks of ice left. Haha! We don’t mind it, though!)IMG_0523-horzIMG_0555-horzAnd bon appetit! *One glass of smoothie is more than enough to make you full—so it’s perfect to replace a meal for, like a snack or something.
Thanks to my sister Lady who took most of the photos while I was making the smoothies!
Contact Elufa Multilink Corp. by emailing at
Disclaimer: Not a sponsored blog post! I just happen to love yogurt smoothies!
P.S. Look who watched me make smoothies the whole time!IMG_0576

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