Thursday, 5 May 2011

May Uno to Cinco

May 1, 2011 Slept at 5:00+AM and woke up at 10:21AM just in time for church. I usually hear Catholic masses, but this day we tried something different. We attended the service @ CBCP at Talayan Village. I'm not really used to services like those, but it was fun to attend one. Aside from the fact that I was 99.9% sleepy, everything else went great. It was pretty interesting being in a different religious gathering, but I'm not planning on switching. The sermon was pretty good! The pastor was speaking in lan nang we and a translator was present to translate each sentence in English! It was actually hilarious when the translator translated even the sigh of the pastor! We attended the service with empty stomachs so we had late lunch together still @ Sarah's place afterwards. At 3:00PM we headed back home. I dropped Ady at her house and I reached home sweet home by 4:00PM. 
Back home I was greeted with boxes of cream puffs from Hannah (my sister's friend) and Chocolate Flakes from Baguio (which my sister bough from Market Market). Who could resist? Of course I took a few bites! 
Watched this movie on Blue-Ray with my sisters. "No Strings Attached"--pretty good! 
Before I could even finish the movie, my energy level hit negative. I had to sleep. I lied down my bed at around 6PM and immediately fell asleep. Woke up at 10PM! Had the urge to workout, but it was late and I felt weak like a vegetable. So I just had dinner and went back to sleep at 12:30AM. I remember tweeting about my pact on sleeping not later than 12:30AM. I had to attend a party the next day, so it was a good thing that I slept that early.
May 2, 2011 Woke up at 10AM. Had 2.5 hours to prepare for the Etude House Opening Party that I was invited to (by Char, the owner of ShopSui and Skin Hour) Normally, I would decline if the venue's too far, but with this one, I didn't! It's Etude House, hello. And I figured I could use some shopping and myself. Did my makeup for 30 minutes! Didn't have any time left to do my hair so I just wore it down, lifeless. I had the driver take me to SM Megamall by 12:45PM. Got there at 1:36PM (yes, I remember times). 
The last time I stepped foot in Megamall was about 2-3 months ago. Never really explored the place that much, aside from Forever21, of course. I caught up with Char and Ann (a fellow beauty blogger) at the cosmetics area at the Department Store. Finally saw Majolica Majorca and other makeup brands which are not available at the malls around my area. Had the urge to splurge but I saved it for Etude House.
This is Char, the owner of ShopSui and Skin Hour
With fellow beauty blogger, Ann
Having our nails done

My gradient nail art
It was fun to shop with Char and Ann. We had our nails done as well afterwards. I won't be talking too much about this since I owe it to my beauty blog. I have yet to blog about the whole event [after I finish with this entry].
After the opening party we went to Forever 21! I fell in love with the selection of bikinis that they had that day! Normally I wouldn't be interested in bikinis, but you know how working out brings out confidence in any person. I think the best thing about the effects of working out is being able to wear clothes you never imagined you could wear. 
What I bought from F21: black denim shorts for only 545.00! It's pretty cute, I'll post photos soon.

After F21, Char and Ann had to leave while I decided to roam around [and shop some more]. You don't know how much I love being alone! I can look through makeup counters for 3 hours without anyone nagging me to go. It's the main reason why I like being alone (or being with people whose interests are the same as mine). 
After buying more makeup, I felt hungry! But I didn't want to eat, so I hailed a cab and headed home. 
I never actually take cabs alone, and I'm mighty glad the driver didn't kidnap me or anything. Plus, I was sleepy so I kind of fell asleep (still trying to be alert and conscious). Took me 25 minutes to reach home! PHP 150.00 cab fare (hooray for cabs with 30.00 starting rates!)
I slept pretty late. Pact broken! Why? Read on...
May 3, 2011 I was going to sleep at 2AM, but then Live Movie Maker decided to run smoothly! And I finished editing my long overdue Nicki Minaj tutorial in 30 minutes! Uploaded it and finished at 4:30AM! Turns out, some kind of computer bug infected my files. The bug died together with Osama Bin Laden, so no worries. 
Woke up at 11:00AM and I had 39 minutes to prepare for the meeting at BFMC. I was able to do my hair with the pouf and high pony (loootsa hairspray). Have I mentioned working for Barrio Fiesta? This is actually my second year working for them for the International Food Exhibition 2011. We normal have meetings with Marketing bosses and assistants a few weeks before the event. This meeting was the second to the last one. 

Going to BFMC is such a tiring thing. Here's how we do it (and how we did it as well, last year). Pick up "co-workers" and friends (Hannah, Krizel and Nikki), ride the LRT from Pureza to Santolan, ride the jeepney (Cogeo), get off at BFMC. That didn't sound so tiring, maybe, but how we GO BACK HOME is. From BFMC we walk all the way to cross the overpass (in the scorching heat, which melted my hairspray and eventually ruined my pouf hair do) I swear it feels like climbing a mountain! Ride the jeepney to the LRT, get of the jeepney, cross ANOTHER overpass and walk to the LRT station. I swear I'd go crazy if I had to do this EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.
The meeting went well. This was actually our second meeting. Talked about the outfits. We're gonna look something like (see:below, my outfit)... 

Thanks to my sister Iza for lending me her awesome shoes!
Tank top (which will be printed with the BFMC logo), shorts, and boots/heels. You get the idea! We have one more meeting left this Friday.
My sister, myself, and Hannah grabbed a quick bite @ Jollibee before heading home. It was really fun to talk to Hannah about dieting and stuff. You see, she's going to be a dietitian soon, she's taking a course on it. And according to her, I'm doing quite well (great, even) with my health and fitness. The only downside is me sleeping late. Oh yeah, and snacking on cereal bars. 
Remember the PFW ticket giveaway? This surprised me. ;) 
Do you know Jenna Marbles from YouTube? I'm sure she's pretty famous! I'm hooked to her hilarious videos! Particularly this one. Hahahahahahha! Can't stop laughing. 

I did the BodyRock 600 Killer Reps workout today. I didn't time myself but I made sure I did ALL the exercises in proper form...which explains why my body became unbelievably sore. I think it took me an hour to complete. I went slow but freaking proper. Plus it was 35 degrees so I was sweating like a madman. Felt mighty awesome, though. I love sweating. 
I planned on coloring my hair today but I didn't because it was late and I wanted to document it for my beauty blog so I put it off for tomorrow.
It was also this day that I tried my luck with giveaways. You know I never win anything online. Haha! Trixie Esguerra (whom I met from the Myra E Launching Party) tweeted about Philippine Fashion Week tickets to giveaway and I thought, why not give it a try? I just had to tweet this:
Did I win? Maybe... Just read on...
May 4, 2011 Slept pretty late... as usual. We can blame Petra from Youtube, John Mayer, dreamy voices, crazy people, ItsJudyTime, Benji, and many more. (I don't really have to elaborate any further.) Let's not set tongues wagging... if you know what I mean.
Went to UE to get some documents for Pau. And I wasted an hour because they didn't accept the SPA for some reason. So I need to go back again sometime soon. 
Bought yogurt for myself on the way home because I was craving. I loooooved the Buco-nata flavor. I'm a huge fan of nata de coco. I can eat it all day (but that would be bad). 

My OCD acted up after yogurt-eating so just imagine the things I did. Cleaned, duh. 
Live Movie Maker started freezing on me again... So the collective haul video has yet to be edited and uploaded. The bug may be back once again. 
So I colored my hair today! All the details of it can be read here. I LOVE ETUDE HOUSE'S BUBBLE HAIR COLOR!!! I am now sporting brown hair! Which is totally awesome. I wanted to film the whole process but I found it too tedious, so I had my sisters help me take photos instead. Thanks to Dichi and Iza for helping me out. :)

How my hair looked before...
Here is how my hair looks like now!
I absolutely LOVE it! And I hear that the Bubble Hair Coloring kit is running out of stock! Mighty glad I bought two boxes! 
Workout for today was still the 600 Killer Reps by BodyRock. I finished in 41 minutes and 03 seconds. Pretty great workout, as usual. 
May 5, 2011 So did you know that the whole Holland shut up for 2 whole minutes (8:00-8:02PM) of May 4? Kinda felt like I was there. How? Technology, baby. Too cool. Why can't Philippines be as cool? Haha, just kidding. 
I blogged about the Bubble Hair color for hours! Had the post up by 4AM or so. Need the link again? Here. Got 16 new songs to listen to. Thanks to Booben! Didn't have to sweat about downloading them all. Sweet, huh. Newton Faulkner is amazing. Went to bed at 5:30? But didn't feel that sleepy so I went on YouTube and watched Jenna Marbles. Oh man, did I lmao. Then sleepiness kicked in and I was asleep by 6:45AM. Wanted to wake up just in time for Starbucks' Happy Hour! Was gonna grab frappes with my sisters but when I woke up @ 2:30PM, they were gone! Left me behind... Hahaha! But they bought me a frappe so...I'm happy.
Haha, just to show I'm happy. But did you know this has 650 CALORIES?! Sheesh. 
I've been blogging for three hours or so... And this whole afternoon I did nothing but relax. And blog. I'll be working out in a few minutes since it's almost 9:00PM in Manila. 
Did I mention how my butt hurts? All my muscles are actually sore... But I don't mind. I'm forever addicted to lunges and squats. Every time they get easier to do, but I'm not saying they become less of a torture--they still are.
Guess I have to go... 600 Reps Workout again. 7 workouts left before IFEX. Got to tone up like 10x more. Who else wants abs? I do!
Quite an entry...You enjoyed, didn't you?


  1. Waaah sorry I couldn't make it to the Etude House party thing! I so wanted to see you guys! :((((

  2. Sab, you know it would've been SO MUCH MORE fun if you and Andee came. :( Next time, okay? We need to meet once more!

  3. Hi Say!

    Great blog post! I've just recently subbed and I've been really liking your blog/channel as it's really informative for places to shop for makeup/beauty products in Manila :) I live in the UK but I'm going to P.I. later this year so I can't wait to shop for some makeup and clothes, such as from Etude House, Forever 21, Majolica Majorca, etc =D I agree with you about shopping by yourself sometimes! I like that too because I hate being rushed whilst shopping for makeup and finding out about new brands :) Could you be able to tell me where the SM Megamall is that has the Forever 21 and Etude House?

    Sarah xoxo

  4. Sarah :)
    Thank you so much for reading my blog. :) I am so glad you find my blog informative. Oh yey, seems like I've been reading a lot of comments about people living in UK but will be visiting MNL soon! I guess we'll totally get along when we go shopping! :) Actually there's only one SM Megamall here. :) You'll find Etude House at the Mega B Ground Floor. While the F21 can be found at the other building if I'm not mistaken. :)
    I'm definitely checking out your blog. :)