Thursday, 5 May 2011

White Chicks and Newton Faulkner

Why hello, 6th of May! 
Workout yesterday (last night, rather) went pretty amazing, as usual. I buurrrrrned. I didn't take too much breaks, sped up towards the end, actually. I finished in 29 minutes and a few seconds. I was literally dripping with sweat (I don't see the reason of mentioning it again) My buns, thighs, and arms give justice to the word "sore". It's a good kind of sore, actually. I love the feeling of tightening up. C'mon, I used to have a belly full of [fat] jelly! Dinner tonight was oatmeal, tuna spring rolls, and pinakbet with AWESOME SQUASH!!! Mmmm...
What I have been up to this morning (yes, I have not slept yet). I finally finished blogging about the Etude House Opening Party! It's already posted in my beauty blog. You can click me to read about it. I can't seem to run out of blogging juice! I probably should've went to bed after that entry but here I am! I watched White Chicks about an hour ago. And can I just say how the awesomeness of this movie cannot be put into words? So everyone in this room is asleep, and I was laughing my ass off! Favorite lines (which I actually tweeted) from the movie:
"Negro, please! Didn't someone tell you this was a all WHITE party? Will somebody please get this gigaboo away from me?!" -Latrell
"Triple T K A, time to totally kick ass." -Markus and Kevin
"I am soooooo fuhreakin' pissed!"
"She's going to have a bitch fit!"
"Know what?!"
"What a beautiful chocolate man! Ah ha ha ha ha! "
Ahhhhhh...never gets old! And may I just say I love the way African-Americans use "a" instead of "an", not to mention the way they speak! How Latrell said "Neegro puhlease!" Hahaha! And, what is a gigaboo? Sounds mighty funny.

I actually played the movie "The Others" on my laptop right after White Chicks, but after a minute, I realized I shouldn't be watching scary films at past 3:00AM! What was I thinking?!?!
4 minutes till 5AM. Today is the last day of the meeting @ BFMC. I should also probably get some things done. My left wrist is swollen--I think it's worse now. But I sure hope it'll be okay soon. Coz I can't do proper push-ups with a swollen wrist. (Push-ups which I'm 90% away from almost perfecting, yey!) I am very happy about what my workout is doing to my arms. But of course I don't want man-arms. Having toned arms are actually great! 
Newton Faulkner is keeping me up and happy. I would've never discovered his song if it wasn't for this really sweet guy who sent all 16 songs from the Hand Built By Robots album to me. Newton's song "Lullaby" is probably the best 1 minute and 37 lullaby in the world. I actually want to fall asleep listening to this:
"Close your eyes, get some sleep, it's too late now to change anything but it's alright. Get some sleep. It's so dark outside, so close your eyes and feel the world turn 'round. If you're not lost, I guess that makes you found.
That's it! That's all there is to the song's lyrics. But if you're a deep-interpreter/thinker like me and most people, it actually makes a whole lot of sense! Le sigh. What a beautiful song.
Another one is "People Should Smile More"...
"I can't change the world, 'coz trying to make a difference makes it worse. It's just an observation I can't ignore, that people should smile more."
"Meaningless scientific breakthrough--the more we know, the less we care..."
Le sigh le sigh le sigh. Newton Faulkner, you are amazing
5:10AM on the clock. I probably should get some sleep now. I have emptied my mind of the things I want to dispense to the world. Or the people who actually read this blog.
This weekend will be amazing, by the way! I'm going swimming with my sisters and friends on Saturday and will be having a date with my ever so closest volleyball team mates from high school. Seems like I'll be seeing Happy Lemon soon! Still #1.
Ahhh...the sun is almost out. I better sleep. And I'll see you in the morning!

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