Friday, 27 May 2011

Ysha’s Advice on Poached Eggs, Workout 05/27/11, Karmin,

Last night, I slept with a throbbing headache, and I woke up at 1:15PM today and I couldn’t move my legs! My thighs felt reaaaally sore this morning! And you know why! (300 Squats Challenge yesterday, remember?)
For breakfast, I checked out the comments in my blog first and I saw this one from one of my favorite bloggers, Ysha! ysSo she told me how swirling the water (until it looks like a whirlpool) and then dropping the egg is a way that she sees other people do it! (That reminds me, I saw the whirlpool-like water from Julie’s cooking too, in the movie—but I never thought it meant anything!)IMG_0661-horzAfter reading Ysha’s comment, I decided to make poached eggs for my breakfast! There I was swirling the boiling water, and then dropping the egg… I looked at it, and I was like WOW! The egg was in perfect shape/form! I had to rush to get my phone and take a snapshot of it! So, I scooped it up and it looked PERFECT, like oh my goodness. And then, I was going to transfer it into my bowl and then it fucking slid off the spatula and went SPLAT! I WAS LIKE, “NOOOO!!!!!” I went to get another egg from the refrigerator, and did it all over again—I was like, “Steady, steady…” while tranferring it to a new bowl….
Arggggggggggggh! It slid, again. And so I ended up with two once-perfect-now-murdered poached eggs. I called my sister Iza, and she ate them with me. She told me they tasted perfect! And I couldn’t agree better. They did taste perfect! IMG_0672
After breakfast, I did my usual routine. Clean the room, and then the house, and then I washed the dishes and mopped our marble floors. It was quite a workout! Surprisingly something I love doing! Being Yaya Lindsay is totally something I can do everyday, especially if my OCD attacks me. You’ve really got to see me clean. Really.
After mopping the floors SQUEAKY CLEAN, I sat on the couch and read OK! Magazine’s June 2011 Issue. I was waiting for the floors to dry since I will be working out next. IMG_0675Would you believe I got like 10 goosebumps and chills down my spine (the kilig way) while I was reading Kate and William’s wedding?! GOOOOOOOODNESS MAMA! I was and still am soooo kilig about it. P.S. Prince Harry is one hot prince. Ahhh! I am so in love with him!!! Hoo boy! Not to mention Lady Kitty Spencer who looked positively GORGEOUS in the photos! I am totally doing a look on her. (First!)
I moved my workout time by 4 hours earlier than usual since I am starting to hate staying up late because of working out late (say, around 10PM-12PM)
Today I did the Run the World Workout by My thighs are still unbelievably sore, but I managed to finish the whole workout, because any excuse is never good enough.
I had my GymBoss App all ready and so I started with Part I which is the backward lunge, sideward lunge routine. I finished the whole 6 intervals and then I realized I forgot to keep track of how many reps I was able to do in each interval! I was like “It’s okay Say, you did good.” and I went on with Part II which is the Crazy Cali Exercise Combo. I was able to finish 28 reps, people! I’m so proud of myself! I love pushing up with my legs apart—it makes me feel so strong since I go all the waaaaay down, knees off the ground! I went on with Part III which is my favorite Side Crunches! 6 intervals, here’s my score: L- 17, 20, 19 R- 19, 18, 19. You know, side crunches totally help sculpt the abs better! My ab muscles are still so sore from previous workouts but I pushed hard! The more painful it gets, the better the results—always keep that in mind. So I was perfectly finished after Part III. But something inside me just kept on nagging, “Do Part I again!!! You didn’t count, so it doesn’t count as a perfect workout!!!”
And so…
I freaking did Part I all over again! I was panting and sweating like a pig, but I just totally needed to follow my conscience and do it all over again—with counting this time!!! If I did not forget counting in the first place, I probably wouldn’t have tortured myself even further. So there I was, listening to Karmin’s Cover for Chris Brown’s Look at Me Now and I swear, every lunge=every beat. It was like a perfect match! And guess my reps!!!
L- 18, 18, 18 R- 18, 18, 18
Crazy? Crazy but true! I’m not kidding! It’s the beat, I tell you!
I had my Fit ‘n Right by my side the whole time. It’s like, the perfect thirst quencher!IMG_0674
After working out, I took a shower, as usual and then I went by the window to chill out. The wind was pretty wonderful! Everything was so serene… And here’s how it looked like outside…IMG_0676Cloudy!
I went in the room to do online stuff when the skies turned dark… Updated my blogs blah blah blah. And then I checked my email. One led me to I joined the blogging contest that they are currently holding. It would mean a lot if you hit the like button for me. Here is the link. Normally I wouldn’t ask people for likes, but it’s 20% in the criteria… so I’m gonna be an ass just this once and ask for your help. I hope you don’t mind. You should read about what I wrote! It’s the dinner I attended at MoMo Café. Remember that? Yumnomnom, right? All the mechanics made me feel so “restricted” to write whatever I want to! But I got through… the prizes are awesome by the way. PHP 10,000 cold cash, iPad 2, and an internship for 3 months @ How awesome right? Ahhh I would feel sooo happy if I won—but if it’s not for me, then it isn’t. I already won something fabulous from Jenni Epperson’s blog, I’d be a fucking asshole if I asked for more.
Listened to Karmin all night long… This girl is freaking amazing! Plus, Nick is such a cutie pie! They’re the most adorable couple ever! (I wish I was Karmin!)


  1. Hey Say~ (whoa it rhymes!)
    I'll try that poached eggs tomorrow looks yummy to me! =)
    New follower here. And totally new to blogging as well.

  2. Thanks Genn! Lemme know how your poaching turns out! :)

  3. waah How did I miss this post! xD yay for trying it. I tried cooking poach egg a few times, it was a little hard you did a way better job than me lol. but then I don't really know how to cook. xD I will totally hit that like button for you!

  4. Ysha!!! Thank you so much for hitting the like button for me! :) You are so sweet! :)