Saturday, 4 June 2011

Back in YouTube with KarminMusic (Amy Heidemann)

June 3, 2011—I slept at 4:00AM and woke up at 12:45PM. I missed the whole morning [again], which suckkks. I had to move it since I had something planned and once the sun sets I won’t really be able to push through with it anymore. My readers (probably a big percentage of them) knows how long I’ve been gone in YouTube already (because when the rainy season entered, I couldn’t find any natural lighting anymore; not to mention how Live Movie Maker always fucking crashes on me) and it just so happens that I had the perfect concept in mind. I didn’t put out any message that I was working on a look because I wanted it to be a surprise attack. It’s always nice to just pop out with something great, you know? Than keep on saying bullshit over and over and never really come up with anything at all. (I’m saying this because I’ve been there and I’ve done that)IMG_1112-horzThe night before (well actually at around 2AM) I was just browsin’ through YouTube while listening endlessly to Karmin Covers. Right before exiting my browser [to finally go to bed], Karmin’s cover on Nicki Minaj’s Super Bass shows up on my timeline. I was like, “Fuck, no waaay!” I love Nicki Minaj…and I AM SO HOOKED TO KARMIN! I think I listened to the song for 20 times before finally going to sleep. I’m not even kidding! What caught my attention was of course the super hot Nick Amy’s wicked hairstyle! I just couldn’t get over it. I tried doing it and I was pretty successful! So, you can probably tell what entered my mind… I took two videos from KarminCovers and drew inspiration from both. Hair from their SuperBass cover and the makeup from their Someone Like You cover.

I went down to business and started all the work right after showering. Lemme just say how much I am loving Neutrogena’s Hyrdro Boost Water Gel (I finally found my perfect mate!) I give it 1,000,000 stars. Ahhh, you just gotta try it! (So join my giveaway now! You only have until June 12th!) I started with all the concealing+foundation work and did my brows as well (I’ve been using this “ready canvass” method since it’s too freaking pointless to show people the same thing over and over and over again; and I’ve been sticking to 3-4 minutes-tutorials since my Eva Longoria video. I don’t want my tutorials to be dragging.) HPIM2291IMG_1149-horzWith my face all ready, I worked on the Amy hair! Do you really want to know how I did it? Well you need a lot of bobby pins, a lot of hairspray, and a lot of patience. I can’t do a tutorial right now because I don’t really know how to explain the procedures! I pretty much did trials and errors and ended up with the almost perfect Amy-inspired hair! If you could only touch it—it’s really hard. (Why did that sound so wrong?) Anyway, I took the liberty to “curl” my remaining hair by just wrapping them with elastics. It sucked, but it gave that right amount of waves so I didn’t complain. IMG_1140-horzI filmed for about 25 minutes and took photos for about 15 minutes. I wrapped everything up in an hour (surprising, I know!) This is what I love about the “ready canvass” method, it saves a lot of time. By the way, I just made that method up.

I wanted to capture Amy’s overall personality (at least through the photo)…What do you think?HPIM2282HPIM2284Movie Maker surprisingly worked fine while I was editing! No crashing, no hanging—I was pretty very glad! I finished editing the video in only 30 minutes (kept it short with my favorite sped up clips) Took about 80 minutes, tops, to upload it in YouTube. *It was too late when I realized I forgot to add in a still image to the video (boohoo) nevertheless, I fucking LOVED the ending of the video. I gave myself a pat on the back for it—I actually couldn’t get over how much I love the last 5 seconds of the video!

About 5 minutes before the video went live, my phone notified me about a new tweet. I looked over and I saw this:KARMINRTI was like, "Karmin?!?!?! Hell no!!!” They noticed the photo!!! The next hour was full of surprises. You can see for yourself:FOLLOWKARMINReceived a DM from KARMIN—now tell me, why I shouldn’t scream…IMG_1166-horzI actually don’t know who I was talking to. Was it Amy? Was it Nick? Ahhhh…they just told me something (which clearly made me fly—the screen cap below says it all)karmin fave

I fucking love this day. How I celebrated? Well, I worked out at 11:30PM with BodyRock.TV’s 600 Reps Fat Burner Workout. Finished at 1:00AM.

Watch my tutorial here:

Blog entry about this look here! You can see more photos in here!

And to end this entry, let me give the floor to a fan girl…




  1. ive been addicted to the song since i watched your video yesterday, already downloaded both nicki minaj and karmin version. also, i love how you celebrate, you're working it out, idol na talaga kita!

  2. Hi Kingking! Oh yeah, shucks I think I downloaded all of Karmin's covers already! Haha! :) I'm weird like that! Thank you so much! <3

  3. You're so lucky Say!!! More success and God Bless. :)

  4. Thanks Nadj! :) God bless you too!