Thursday, 16 June 2011

Birthday Gifts from 20-year-old Self, with Love

Last Sunday, I didn’t plan on going shopping because I knew I’ll be spending a lot for my 20th Birthday Giveaway (which was a success, by the way) The girls and I paid Etude House a visit after getting our nails done and I just couldn’t resist buying stuff for myself! My mom always told me how impulsive I am when it comes to buying stuff. It would be worst case scenario if I have cash and card with me (which at that time, I did).

Here’s a valid reason for my impulsive shopping: It was my birthday!!! And I never really bought myself anything. I think the only thing I’ve given myself is the gift of health and fitness. I’ve been and still am working my ass off every single day just to maintain all those crazy normal BMI, height-weight proportion…etc. So I deserve this. All of this!!!

This is the Secret Beam Highlighter—I’ve been meaning to get myself one of these for the longest time but I never really wanted to spend PHP 478.00 for it. I finally conquered my being thrifty and got it! I am sooooo damn glad I did. Achi Char has the same highlighter but in the other shade. I personally love this thing! A review on my beauty blog to follow.IMG_1733This is the Side-end Long Lashes from Etude House! My favorite among all their selection of lashes!!! They had it on stock, fortunately, and I didn’t let the opportunity go to waste and bought myself a pair for PHP 198.00 (I know it’s a bit pricey for just a pair of lashes, but what the hell—I like it.) *My blockmate Magnus said I was wearing "pakpak”  on my eyes (wings) the other day in school. Hahaha! I had these on, that’s why!IMG_1731

BaByLiss Paris iPRO200 Ceramic Curling Iron with Nano Technology (Sol-gel Titanium Digital Ceramic Iron 25mm)—I first laid my eyes on the VS curling iron which costs PHP 2,200.00 but later found this sign by the BaByliss shelf. 30% off baby!!! Damn, of course I jumped in. I wanted the one with the bigger barrel, but it wasn’t included in the sale and there was no way I’m going to pay two thousand bucks for an iron. After trying the iron out and getting positive feedback from Genn and Sannie (who patiently waited for me to finish with the testing of the iron) I paid for it at the counter! PHP 1,907.50 slashed off in my card. Hoo boy… well, I consider this an investment as well. I’m venturing into something beyond the usual. Something which will be made known to the public soon.IMG_1704IMG_1705IMG_1709Here are some photos I took using Instagram:IMG_1713IMG_1722Expect a review about this curling iron in my beauty blog in about 12 hours or less.

Nothing could make me even more happier than MILK TEA (in this case, Happy Fanshu’s Pearl Milk Tea) Milk+Tea+Pearl makes one happy Lindsay.IMG_1715

Have you ever spent a lot for yourself on your birthday?



  1. Sayang you shoul've just bought the etude products this week :) Etude's on saaale! 20 off on everything

  2. I knowwww :( Learned about the sale too late!

  3. Great idea's about birthday gifts so thanks for share & keep it on.