Saturday, 25 June 2011

Saturday Night with Lareina, ChickChat, X-Men First Class

Last June 18, I went to have dinner and watch the last full show of X-Men First Class with Lareina. We actually agreed on meeting every Saturdays, kind of our way of catching up on each others’ lives! My classes ended at 7PM, I went home to change into something comfortable & check my accounts online (Smart Broadband finally fixed their shit after 4 days of unbelievably slow internet connection) since Lar was still in church. We met up at around 7:30PM and checked out the newest Singaporean fast food @ SM City Manila. ChickChat. We actually doubted to eat at this place before…I believe I didn’t want to go in since the exterior and interior didn’t appeal to me—in Marketing, ChickChat should amp up their servicescape; but since my sister told me how great their chicken tastes like, I told Lareina we should give it a try. ChickChat is a Singaporean fastfood chain, famous for their cereal chicken and fragrant rice! All their meals are very affordable, as well. I took the liberty of taking a huge photo of the menu for the sake of my readers who would want to try this place out. Click on the image if you want to see a much larger view.IMG_1882IMG_1883IMG_1888-horzIMG_1887-horzIMG_1906-horzThe interior of ChickChat…a little bit “blah”, honestly speaking. Jollibee looks much more homey in my opinion. But I do love the red walls on the dining area on the right. I don’t think I can hate anything red.

IMG_1896-horzLareina is totally familiar on how I take photos before, during and after eating! So here we are after ordering our food!

IMG_1893-horzLar had this chicken dish with Hainese Rice and soup. I actually forgot what this is called! I’ll do the necessary editing soon. Lar saved me a piece of chicken and it totally tasted SOOOO GOOD! The soup was absolutely delish, too! She only paid PHP 65.00 for this meal.

IMG_1901I had the BBQ dish with plain rice. I don’t know what it is they put in the chicken and the sauce, but I absolutely loved it. Chickchat has this distinct taste that you can’t find in other fast food chains. I swear! This dish totally gets 5 out of 5 stars!

After eating, I told Lar we should transfer to the table with the red wall to take photos! IMG_1920-horzIMG_1916-horzIMG_1912-horzOh and Lar gave me a birthday gift!!! I opened it while we were at ChickChat. Here it is! Bath and Body Works Night Blooming Jasmine Body Lotion. Ahhhhh it smells absolutely amaaaaazing. Thank you Lar!!!IMG_1964-horzAfter having dinner, we went to get tickets to the last full show of X-Men First Class. There was a bit of a commotion in the line since the ticketing person was really slow…and this enraged a lan nang couple. SM should work on this issue. They can’t have like 1 ticketing person serve like 20 people on the line! They have 4 areas in there. There should be 4 ticketing persons, too. I was on the verge of getting angry and complaining as well, but the poor girl was kinda shaken up so I cracked a joke, instead. Anyway, the movie started at 9:30PM. Lar and I went to get drinks, popcorn, and candies before heading in the theatre. IMG_1947-horzHere are my favorite candies: gummy bears, chocolate raisins, chocolate caramels, chocolate almonds, sunflower bits, and chocolate rocks!

IMG_1942-horzIMG_1960-horzX-men took about three (3) hours to finish!!! Didn’t enjoy it as much I enjoyed Insidious! Nevertheless it was a good movie! Got home at around midnight. On the way home from Lareina’s place, I saw a motorcycle accident. The man was still sprawled on the floor! It was a scary scene. Thank god for 0% blood. And there were security guards helping him. I think they called an ambulance. I hope he’s okay!

For that night’s outfit, I just wore this chiffon top from Pines Shoppe. Paired it with a black brassiere from Bench Body, jeans, and my Verbena heels from So Fab. Thanks to my sister Iza for lending me her gorgeous studded bag!IMG_1880-horz



  1. Just love ur eyeshape Say! :D

  2. Thank you Nadj!!! :) You never-ending support is amazing.