Thursday, 2 June 2011

Workout (June 1, 2011)

After two consecutive days of doing the 600 Reps Fat Burner Workout by BodyRockTV, my muscle pain increased by about 50%. My legs, in particular, felt really sore. For my workout on the first day of June 2011, I went to jogging and biking around Malacanang. Malacanang is definitely the perfect place to go jogging. You just have to be wary of the cars that pass by. I had my earphones on but I made sure that I was alert all the time. My route--Mendiola all the way to General Solano Street. I jogged back and forth and worked up quite a sweat. I used my GymBoss App to record my time. (stopwatch)

Here is my time:


Lap 1: 10 minutes and 07 seconds of jogging + 1 minute of walking (rest)

Lap 2: 10 minutes and 59 seconds of jogging = 11 minutes

That’s about 20+ full minutes of jogging. Afterwards, I went biking in the same route for 10 minutes.

A total of about 30 minutes of jogging and biking exercise today. My legs felt much sorer when I got back home so I decided to skip doing a BodyRockTV exercise that night. My muscles needed time to repair themselves! And I know I’ve been pushing myself too hard, so I deserved the break for the night.

What workout did you do today?


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