Thursday, 2 June 2011

Neutrogena Press Launch, Solo Cab Rides, Freaking 40 Flat Rate

May 31, 2011 The Neutrogena Press Launch happened to happen on the day of the car’s coding so I had to take the cab to the venue and back home, obviously. Cab #1 driver was pretty cool, he took shortcuts and ways without traffic. I got in the venue about 15 minutes late (but I wasn’t late at all since the event started an hour late) Taxi fare reached PHP 250.00. Manila-Makati (Chino Roces, precisely).DSC02054IMG_0967-horzAfter registering my name on the book, I entered Whitespace and everything was so blue! Literally! It was beautiful. I was greeted by this really sweet lady from the Neutrogena Team who led me to a table up in front (I honestly didn’t get the chance to ask her name, but she was really nice to me, even during the Neutrogena dinner @ Momo! From the looks of it, she’s an executive head of a department) I barely knew anyone. I had to sit with [nice] strangers. IMG_0976-horzThe event started late and I had no one to talk to so, it was either drinking this blue beverage (not alcoholic) *first photo* which tasted really soda-y; eating the appetizers served (which were really delicious, but I don’t know what it *third photo* is nor what it’s called except for the lavash wedges *second photo*) or reading stories from The Reader’s Digest Jokes and Funny True Stories App. I actually laughed by myself while reading! No Wi-fi, so no live tweeting, obviously.

Lunch was served about 25 minutes later. While I was in line for the buffet, I finally had someone to talk to! I actually met her during the Neutrogena Dinner @ Momo Café. Her name is Arg[entina] of The Beauty Bin. She was in front of me and she was the one who actually started the conversation. It was cool to know that she graduated from the same university that I am studying in right now. We had the chance to chat for about 10 minutes and then we went ahead to our seats and ate—separately, since the seats in the table I was sitting in were all taken already. So I ate lunch by myself, and some nice strangers around me. Oh yeah Helga of Ditz Revolution and Lauren of I am Bourgeois were on the same table I was eating in. It was Helga’s birthday and all I said was “Hi!” back when she waved at me. (Why, oh why?) IMG_0980-horzLet’s talk about the food (which I can’t give any names of, obviously) All I remember is that I had halibut. And uhh…I’m pretty sure that’s roast beef carved out for everybody (if it isn’t, then whatever), some greens (celery? Naaah…didn’t taste like celery to me. Let’s just call it “green”) oh yeah, and there was rice (yeah, I ate like a tablespoon and a half of it) and then I had pasta with tomatoes and parmesan cheese on top.

After lunch, the launch started (and for this part I’m going to give Makeup by Say Tioco Artillero the spotlight, so read here) Everyone was free to visit the booths that were available at the four corners of the venue to try new products. Afterwards, I went to have dessert with Arg and K.DSC02124-horzThe ice cream was homemade Dulce de Leche. And chocolate (mousse?) totally melted in my mouth! The ice cream was delicious, too! DSC02128-horzA short while after dessert, we said our good byes since K had to attend another event, Arg had to go to the university, and I just wanted to go home to avoid traffic. Near the exit, we were greeted by this lovely lady (who I’m pretty sure is also part of the Neutrogena Team—she reminds me of my beautiful professor Ma’am Cabral) She thanked us for coming and handed beautiful blue boxes to us. DSC02140Quick stop at the ladies’ room before waiting for a cab across the street. Tied my hair up because it was pretty humid outside the venue. I wore regular jeans, a white shirt, and a military blazer lent to me by my sister. I wore black pumps, too.IMG_1025Here’s the photo I uploaded via Instagram:

On the way home, I was caught in such an awful traffic!!! I tried hard not to doze off in the cab. I was rapping in my head since Karmin’s Look At Me Now cover was on. Makati was too chaotic that day!

I arrived home safely. And the meter hit PHP 250.00.

That’s PHP 500.00 I’ll never see again.

To know what’s inside the Neutrogena box and what transpired during the launch, you’ll have to visit my beauty blog.



  1. I paid PHP350 to get from QC to Whitespace! Tho it should have been around 300 but we got lost haha. Good thing Lauren gave me a ride on the way back!

  2. Hi Helga! Oh goodness 350!!! Good thing the cab driver saw the venue agad kasi if he drove straight ahead pa we would've gotten lost din! Hahaha! T'was really nice seeing you!

  3. You have a new blog header! You look really gorgeous :D
    ~Pauline @neutrogena philippines