Thursday, 21 July 2011

April’s Homecoming: Brunch @ Hanayo

Loooooook who’s back in Manila!!!

My gorgois sister April Mindy! She got back from Canada last week and we met up yesterday. It’s been a hundred years since we last saw each other and it was freaking great to see her again! Thanks to constant updates and all the social networking sites you can think of!DSC02538Myself, April and Honey while waiting for our food and friends.

We had brunch @ Hanayo—that Korean restaurant I’ve been meaning to try out but never got the chance to until yesterday happened! I never really knew where it was located. Turns out, it’s just more or less 30 steps from the Dapitan gate. It’s along the street where smokers hang out. All I could think about was “SHIN RAMYUN SHIN RAMYUN SHIN RAMYUN.”IMG_3094This place is my Korean food HEAVEN!!! I’m 100% sure Paulo would looooove this place as well! I took the liberty of taking photos of their menu, in case you guys want to try the place out…IMG_3086I ordered N5 RAMEON with Dumplings! Oh baby (Paulo), I know you’d order the same thing! Sans the egg, of course. IMG_3087My blockmate Rajjwinder told me I should try the Bibimbap next time!!! I surely will!IMG_3089IMG_3091How my Rameon looked like!!! This sent me to heaven! I am head over heels in love with Shin Ramyun! The spiciness of this dish is much more tolerable compared to that of NongShim’s ShinRamyun *in packs*.

See that Kimchi beside? I loved the way the one on the bottom plate tasted! But not the one on the upper plate. The one with the veggies tasted eeeccchhh to me! I’m not sure what the ones on the bottom plate were…but they sure tasted nomnomnom.DSC02540Closer look on my favorite dish in the whole wide world!!!DSC02539It took me about an hour to finish this whole bowl.

I love HANAYO now that I’ve tried it. Definitely paying it another visit!


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