Thursday, 21 July 2011

Monday Diary: Brunch Alone @ The French Baker

Monday started pretty hectic for me! I launched my lash business with Paulo last Sunday, which meant [unexpected] pouring of orders! I woke up at 8:50AM. I left my Ask Say #2 vlog uploading the night before and woke up to it fully uploaded on Youtube. I didn’t have to leave home till 10AM so I went ahead and edited my “How I Do My Brows” tutorial. Which I also left uploading soon after I went to the mall to run some errands for the business. Before going home, I went to get milk tea from Happy Fanshu and headed to The French Baker to have brunch. I totally didn’t plan on eating—but I did, anyway.IMG_3021While waiting for my food! Milk tea half-full. Beautiful studded bag which I borrowed from my sister Iza. IMG_3022Happy Fanshu is not as nomnomnom as Happy Lemon, but it’s my #2 favorite milk tea! I just love putting the straw through the mouth of the sweet potato character—cracks me up for some reason. IMG_3025Complimentary soup: crab and corn soup.IMG_3032My Chicken Cordon Bleu with Rolls! IMG_3035I wanted something a bit heavy so that I’ll last till 7:00PM without snacking. Will you just look at that cheese oozing out? Mmm, mmm, mmm!IMG_3046All gone after about 45 minutes of chewing while taking photos and sharing via Instagram and live tweeting!IMG_3036I enjoyed the rolls but I just had to order butter which cost me +PHP 10.00. As Julia said, “You can never have too much butter.”IMG_3043



  1. hi say, i don't mean to sound tsismosa or something but i just have to ask are you and noe (colorismyweapon)? i just noticed you two aren't interacting much on twitter and facebook, unlike you and the other youtube girls. i also remembered one time there was a wall post in your facebook page asking why your page wasn't at noe's 'likes' and hers not on yours, but that post got deleted i guess? i waited for your reply on that post but it was just gone the next thing i know. well i really like the two of you, i remembered when it was just you and her on youtube, you know before the other girls. you'd do collab together and other stuff. it just saddens me to see (or feel) a bit of tension between you two... i'm a huge fan of both of you girls. you both are talented and pretty in your own ways. so there. sorry about ranting this here but i'm just bothered, not even sure why i'm so affected. i just love you both I guess!


  2. Hi Erika! We're fine! :) You don't have to worry about anything! :)