Tuesday, 19 July 2011

My Top 5

1. James Cooper (Jazzy Collection) Makeup—The purchase I will never regret! I spent about a thousand bucks for this, and I got my money’s worth. *Review on the Kiss Proof Lip Gloss here. Review on the cream foundation still pending…IMG_27492. Carrot Cake—This is the carrot cake that my sister brought home from a business trip. I’m not really sure if it’s from Laoag. It’s the yummiest cake I have ever tasted! Plus it has carrots in it!!! Nomnomnom.IMG_28543. Organized widgets and apps on my iPhone—I finally had the time to group my apps together according to use! Now my screen is all clean. IMG_28564. Hershey’s Collection Reese Ice Cream—What’s not to like? Nomnomnom.IMG_28845. Gymboss Programmable Interval Timer App for iPhone—My #1 partner in all my brutal BodyRock.TV workouts!IMG_2905


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