Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Sunday Diary: McDonald’s for Brunch, Meeting A Reader, Shipping Prizes, Package from Cebu, NEW Videos

Woke up at 9:10AM. Managed to shower+put full makeup on in just 40 minutes. Had to doll myself up like I usually do during weekdays (not really on Sundays since I like to look simple for church) since I was scheduled to meet a reader of mine (Nadj) after brunch. The mass went well like always. My Sundays are always completed when I go to church.

I didn’t have any breakfast, and due to my brutal workout the night before, my stomach was growling. My sisters, my mom and I went to McDonald’s for brunch! Oh yeah… fast food. IMG_2972Coke float. Yes I am aware that this is not healthy, people. But I know what track I am on.IMG_2973Fries!!! Cancer sticks, as they call it. Sinful. Not to mention McDo’s Heinz ketchup in sachets!IMG_2974IMG_2975My favorite in the McDonald’s menu. 6 piece-chicken nuggets! Omnomnomnom.IMG_2976After brunch, I met up with my reader, Nadj, who came all the way from Mindanao. She visited Manila for a while and I’m happy I finally met her (and also give her the Myra products that she won from a contest in my page) She’s one of the sweetest fans I have. Really. But then again, I don’t like to see them as fans, but friends, rather. It’s really fun to meet people who see you as an inspiration, it gives me this drive to continue on. IMG_2983After that short meeting, I had to go to Air21 to have some prizes shipped. My momma came along with me. We had to go home soon after since I have a scheduled non-stop filming session that afternoon. *Which was totally successful…and the reason why I’ve been constantly uploading in YouTube nowadays.IMG_2988When I came home, I saw this on my table!!! A package from Cebu! Daddy, Paulo’s grandfather, sent this to me! I love how they still treat me as family even though I’m far away from where they are right now. I miss them so much!IMG_2990Some of the things that the package contained—Victoria’s Secret shampoo, conditioner, and hand cream, and Bath and Body Works’ hand gel. I also received a couple of tops! IMG_2994That afternoon, I filmed 8 videos in a row. Here are some of them…

I also launched my lash business with Paulo! Which I will be expounding more on in my next entry… Orders just poured in 10 minutes after I posted this video on YouTube!!! It was overwhelming.

Worked out by 7:00PM and worked online for the rest of the evening. One of the most stressful Sundays ever.


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