Saturday, 2 July 2011

Shoot with LuLu Makeup @ Camera Cart Studio

IMG_2427I was supposed to wake up at 9:00 to catch the 10:00AM mass but I woke up at exactly 10:00AM. That actually filled my morning with stress. I wasn’t able to get a decent breakfast, I wasn’t able to go to the mall to get the stuff I needed for the shoot, I didn’t get to prepare everything that I’ll be bringing along with me and ended up just stuffing my bag with whatever I think I need (literally STUFFING IT ALL IN W/O ORGANIZING) I left home at 12:30PM. The shoot was at 1:00PM. Camera Cart Studio was pretty far from where we came from. Papa and Mama drove me to the venue since our “driver” decided he doesn’t want to be a “driver” anymore. Such hassle. But thank God for my supportive parents. I was about 30 minutes late, but it didn’t matter at all. Although I value time especially during shoots and gigs.

Camera Cart Studio looked really homey! I had such a lovely time working with the LuLu Team. My fellow partner blogger/vlogger Janica arrived with her [super supportive] boyfriend Ira (who was also with us during the LuLu Makeup business meeting) a few minutes after. Janica was already wearing her first look when she arrived! I’ve said this a million times already, but she is really a living doll. I think I speak for everyone who was present in that shoot that day! 266774_2139773170682_1136734520_32561877_3141912_oOur working area was pretty spacious. I fell in love with the lighted traincase! Such a beautiful thing. We basically just laid all our stuff there. By the end of the shoot, everything was mixed up! IMG_2430-horzIMG_2433-horzIMG_2438-horzThe shoot was basically composed of 12 different looks on 4 models. The models were Janica, myself, Dane and Justine Lu.  Janica and I did our own makeup and did the looks for Dane and Justine as well. Achi Char also helped us out while listing down every product that we used for each of the looks—you could imagine the stress!

In the middle of the shoot, my friend Jerrold decided to drop by and visit. After getting lost somewhere in Katipunan for about 15 minutes, he finally found Camera Cart. It was coincidental that he knew Ira (Janica’s boyfriend). He just wanted to pass time before a basketball game. So he stayed…and ate our pizza!!! Didn’t get to chicka with him since we were working non-stop.  Nevertheless, thanks for coming, Je!

Come 4:00PM, we still had about 4-5 looks to finish. Everyone hustled. Would you believe I did a Suicide Roll in a span of 3 minutes?!?!?!?! That’s the fastest I’ve done it. I’ve brought KARMIN to LuLu Makeup!!! That’s how much I adore Karmin. Whoopsie, that’s 1 out of the 12 looks spilled. I want you to wait for the official photos, though! I am sooo happy with the shots! Especially that Karmin Pin-up shot. You’re in for a surprise! And I am too! Our photographer Ed Altares was definitely light to work with. He was really kind! His shots are amazing, by the way. 272623_2139771650644_1136734520_32561873_330007_oThe Lu sisters have the best complexion ever! I hardly did any concealing on Dane, and Janica raved about how gorgeous Justine’s skin is, too! Great genes…

I had a ton of fun working and chatting with Achi Char and Janica! I swear they are like my sisters!!! It is not only a partnership that I entered in, but a friendship/sisterhood as well! Okay, that sounded really mushy like crap but what the fuck, it’s how I feel! They know it. 277442_2139767210533_1136734520_32561855_5923936_oWe wrapped up the shoot at around 6++. Another team was scheduled to use the studio at 7PM. It was great that we finished on time! I had to leave right away since Mama and Papa were already there to pick me up.DSC02371Last shot of the day… me eating a slice of cold pizza…DSC02367So I guess that’s it! Enjoy the photos!



  1. I believe the tube top I was wearing is the culprit. Nevertheless, you might want to check this out :) Thanks for dropping by!

  2. aww I miss doing photoshoots! T_T frustrated photographer kasi! great looks by the way can't wait to see the final pics

    much Love!

  3. Aaawww thanks S3! My Sexy Shobe Say! ;) I had a lot of fun too! can't wait to see the photos!

  4. naahh!you so look so sexy!mwah mwah!

  5. Thanks Photoescape! :D I hope you pursue your photog dreams!
    Achi Char!!!! Me too can't wait to see them! :)
    Hi Amanda! Thank you so much!!!! :D