Friday, 1 July 2011

Saturday Night with Lareina: Sbarro + Transformers: Dark of the Moon

IMG_2363-horzIMG_2364-horzSince there was a new movie out, Lareina and I met up once again on a Saturday! I went straight to the mall right after my 7:00PM classes. The night before, my sister had some takeout from Sbarro and I just had the urge to have Italian food for dinner. Lar and I don’t really take a long ass time to decide where to eat (like most friends do) so it wasn’t really a problem. It’s actually my first time to dine in Sbarro. I’ve tried takeouts, alright, but never ate in there before…until now. The servicescape of Sbarro is really interesting. I love everything about the it. It’s a place camwhore-foodies like me will enjoy (just a matter of opinion). As a marketing student, I give it an 6 out of 10. Lost 4 for the poor air conditioning, and the narrow spaces for people to walk by. I didn’t know it was like, a cafeteria—like lining up, choosing from the variety of dishes and paying at the end of the line (w/c is the cashier). I found it really inconvenient. The place was really hot, too! I was wearing my uniform with the blazer on. I didn’t want to take it off since I didn’t want to look “unprofessional”. If you’re from the UST-College of Commerce, you’d know how people tease us on how we look like salesladies from SM with our blazers off. The blazer is actually what makes our uniform look corporate. IMG_2371-horzIMG_2379-horzEverything was appetizing. Look at all those pasta! I am totally allowed to eat more than usual on Saturdays because I do serious workout sessions everyday. I deserve time-outs and indulgences!IMG_2376This (see: below) is one dish I’ll be coming back for. If it’s not fish, then it’s chicken. I love anything with lemon sauce on it. Didn’t catch what it’s called since the food-server mumbled. And I just had to say “Ahh…okay.” but deep inside I was like, “What the fuck did he just say?”IMG_2382

Lareina and I decided to try this baby out. It’s called the “Chicago White Deep Dish”. It’s like heart attack in a slice. We had Alfredo Sauce all over it. This pizza has salami inside—thick slices of it, that is. Not to mention the WHITE CHEESE which I absolutely looooohoooove. But then again, I told you, it’s heart attack in a slice. After every bite I told myself, “How many calories are you, you scrumptious little thing?” IMG_2370-horzIMG_2389Here we have the Meaty Lasagna that I ordered. Alfredo Sauce all over it, as well. This dish tasted absolutely ah-maaa-zing. Again, that’s a matter of opinion. This cost me about 200.00. They don’t have it in “half”, so it’s just “full” for everyone. Mind you, this can feed 3 persons. Look at the way the sauce was splattered carelessly… Minus brownie points for the food server! IMG_2388Lareina ordered her Baked Ziti with Alfredo Sauce (we love Alfredo)IMG_2390We didn’t get to take much photos together!!! I neglected to… all the food and Sbarro got the exposure. Here’s one almost-decent photo of myself and Lareina.IMG_2368Before having dinner, I had to dash to the supermarket to buy doggy treats and a couple of Korean noodles. And you see that shirt right there? I got it, as well. Not pour moi, my ladies. Paulo turned 19 last July 1 and I wanted to send him a a package of his favorite things! I know I’m his #1 favorite, but we all know couriers don’t ship people. Hahaha! Paulo and I both looooove spicy Korean Noodles. I sent him a couple of Shin Ramyuns (although I know he can buy it in Cebu…). The doggy treats are for my babies (who are in the care of Paulo in Cebu) Lacey, Chichi, and Foxy! The shirt is something I’ve been meaning to give Paulo for quite a while now. He loves shirts of this kind… you know…Metallica, Bullet for my Valentine, Kiss, Atreyu… I don’t know what category these dudes fall in, but I’m pretty sure you get the picture. IMG_2395-horzAfter having the package shipped via LBC (who, by the way, charges more than Air21!) Lar and I caught the last full show of “Transformers: Dark of the Moon”. I grabbed a drink (Nescafe Ice) before entering the moviehouse. We actually shared a tub of popcorn, too! But ended up wasting half of it ‘coz we gave up munching on it. Lar sipped on Coke all night even though she was coughing!!! Hard-headed girl right there, ladies!IMG_2399My personal thoughts about the movie… let me just say that I now understand why my sister Iza is head over heels in love with Shia. The new leading lady, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, has such gorgeous lips!!! What came in mind—CAMERON DIAZ AND KRYSHA! I love the whole movie in general. I enjoyed it. It took about over 2 hours to finish. Worth the money!


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