Friday, 29 July 2011

Wednesday Diary: My Morning & Johnson’s Event @ Edsa Shangri-la Hotel (Garden Ballroom)

Before heading to bed last night, I was able to learn about the news of the suspension of classes today. This made me feel extra carefree since I had to attend an event @ Edsa Shangri-La Hotel and if classes weren’t suspended, I’d have to get to school by 2:30PM. You could imagine how thrilled I was!

I woke up at exactly 8:30AM, had my breakfast of toasted (two slices of white bread covered in scrambled egg, cooked with butter) and a cup of my favorite calamansi juice (from juice concentrate [which my sister bought from Mercato] I swear I have been drinking that 3 times a day! Really cleanses the tummy, I tell you. Plus, I love the sour taste of it. Which explains why I love lemonade. (It comes second to milk tea!)

I had a few minutes to spare, so I checked in my online accounts (to no avail, since SmartBro started sucking again because of the inclement weather we’re having) I know I’m supposed to love cold bed weather days and no-school days, but please!  Without the internet, how am I gonna work? Yes, work! I consider my YT and blog as WORK. And of course, my lash business! Some customers of mine, despite my reminder of ordering only thru text is permissible, still sends orders thru email. So I gotta check my email every single day. Not a day should pass without me checking my email! The email has a lot of good stuff in it, you know. Especially when you’re unexpecting something. Yes, unexpecting. You’ll find out later why…

I took a quick shower  and proceeded to do my makeup and my hair right after. I wore my favorite makeup look #1 and paired it off with my Revlon Pink About It lip color instead of the James Cooper Kiss Proof LipGloss. I figured I should stay safe and use my never failing Pink About It. It’s matte, yet it stays on perfectly for hours! For some reason, when I got to lining my eyes, I kept on messing up on my left eye!!! It came to a point where I had to re-do all my eye makeup on the left eye! And that was my third try. I don’t understand if it was because of the brush, or my hand, or my internal panic striking since I was running late. I had my BaByLiss iPRO200 heating on 200 degrees the whole time I was doing my makeup. So you could imagine how hot it was when I used it. I did usual wavy curls on my hair. It’ didn’t really matter anymore to me if they’re gonna stay intact or not. All I wanted was a little volume on my hair, and to head to the hotel ASAP.

For my outfit, I wore my REBORN skinny jeans (cuffed at the bottom, since they were pretty long; belt worn since it was loose—hence the bump on the lower belly button area) a body hugging pink dress (which I wore as a top; borrowed from my sister) military blazer (since it was raining and I didn’t want to get cold) and Parisian pumps with gold details (borrowed from my sister—can you see how high the platforms are?! It was comfortable to walk in, though. But stay away from manholes, cobblestones, and cracked roads!)

I was out the door by 10:35AM. The cab I called for already arrived. And the meter was already running! When I rode the cab, the meter was already at 43.50! I wanted to say, “Hello, I just got in.” But the driver looked too freaky to even talk to. So I let it be. I tweeted complaining about how fast the meter was running! It was like everytime I looked at it, it already changes! What irritated me while on my way to the hotel…

  1. The driver saying, “Putangina, gago kasi kung magmaneho!” when we almost got hit by a car U-turning. I wanted to say to him, “Putangina mo rin, e ikaw tong ang tulin ng takbo eh!” No, I’m not sorry for typing that word because it was really what I wanted to say.
  2. The ANNOYING “To-to-tot, love radio, to-to-tot, love radio” playing OVER AND OVER AND OVER….I wanted to scream my head off!
  3. Sudden breaks which pulls me forward (well, duh, the driver was not skilled)
  4. Cab smell (makes me wanna barf)

The meter reached P160+ as soon as I reached Edsa Shangri-la Hotel. Gave 200.00 to the guy. And to think I was complaining earlier. Anyway… I got to the venue right on time. Not too late, nor too early! I was able to see Anne Franco from NuffNang again! She was at the signing up area. It was so nice to see her again! I met her during my very first advertorial (Myra Event) After signing in, I went inside Garden Ballroom. Familiar faces were the ones I saw from the Neutrogena Event. Miss Gwen Carino was also there! I love how they always wear blue to events. Such classy ladies! DSC02584When I got the invite to this event, I didn’t want to go alone. Fortunately, Miss Gwen allowed me to tag along 2 of my blogger friends, and without a doubt, I asked Janica and Achi Char.

I waited 15 minutes in the hall for them. I was browsing the net and tweeting with my phone (Edsa Shang has really fast Wi-fi connectivity, which is not a surprise) while passing time. I met a fellow blogger of mine, too! We met during the Neutrogena Dinner @ Momo Café. It was so nice to see her again.DSC02590

DSC02601After about 15 minutes, I finally saw Janica walking in! The doors to the Garden Ballroom were opened, and we got pretty nice seats. Saved a seat for Achi Char who ran a little late. When the three of us were complete, we decided to fall in the buffet line. Everything looked so delicious. And you know I never fail to take photos of food that I eat…DSC02604DSC02606DSC02608DSC02609DSC02612-horzOne of my favorites. Bakes Norwegian Salmon Fillets with Dill Cream. Excellent taste!DSC02614-horzDSC02622-horzThe dessert that swept me off my feet. Classic Italian Pannacotta. I wish I had a second cup. DSC02625-horzTiramisu! The purple macaron on top was definitely the cherry on top of the icing. Mmm mmm mmm! Exquisite.DSC02616Lunch time!DSC02627We also had some fruits! Janica went loco for the watermelon slices. She was so adorable!DSC02628I’m not gonna be going in-depth about the event itself since my beauty blog will take care of that. But just for the sake of mentioning, the lovely Angel Jacob was our host. I remembered earlier when I entered the Garden Ballroom hall, a celebrity smiled at me. I couldn’t find her name in my head. But I knew she’s __ Jacob. I actually tweeted saying I saw Christine Jacob! Turns out, it was ANGEL Jacob. Oh well, at least I got the Jacob part correctly!DSC02644And look who we met! Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo! She is so down-to-earth—not in any way intimidating at all! She truly deserves to be Johnson’s newest ambassadress. Excuse the awkward smiles in the photo (below). The couch that we were sitting on was reaaaaally low. DSC02681Here are some shots after the event! These were taken in the beautifully lit restroom.

Luckily, I caught Anne Franco from NuffNang just as she was leaving. We never had the chance to take a photo together during the Myra E event, so now I’m so glad I had one together! Anne is such a nice person, I tell you. I’ll never forget the people who were part of my first advertorial!DSC02682Myself with the beautiful Janica! *my pleated top is making my tummy look bloated*DSC02685With Achi Char this time! I really love these shoes I am wearing. Thank to my sister Iza for lending me this pair. Sky high, baby!DSC02686DSC02698DSC02699Janica is wearing The Style Prodigy Shop’s earcuffs! Check out her blog at and her YouTube channel at DSC02701Achi Char of looked extra beautiful today! Achi Char is now making YouTube videos! DSC02702LULU MAKEUP GIRLS REUNITED @ THE JOHNSON’S EVENT!DSC02688The loot bag courtesy of Johnson’s and Johnson’s! You would think those are little beads of soap, right? But you’re mistaken. Those are DELICIOUS MILK CHOCOLATES!!! I swear, they taste like little drops of heaven!DSC02704Stay tuned for my post about the event proper on my beauty blog.


  1. love your hair!! I was supposed to attend but I had so much work on my plate :|

  2. TRIXIE!!! Awww sayang! I saw Anne! It would've been great if you came! <3 Hope to see you again!