Monday, 1 August 2011

Lunch Alone @ Hanayo

It was July 30, 2011 (Saturday) I had a pretty busy morning because of a makeup gig. I was carrying two big bags on both shoulders—one for my books and one for all the makeup. I wanted to bring my traincase, but it was pouring rain; so I opted to stuff them inside a bag instead. The gig went pretty smoothly. My client, Sheelah and her mom, were definitely light to work with. Not to mention, the two AB students who watched as I dolled up Sheelah (Hi girls! *just in case they get to read this post) Unfortunately I was not able to get their names, but I gave them my contact details! They were so nice! I hope I meet them again.

I finished at around 1:30, and while packing up, all I could think about was the rameon at Hanayo. I did not have any breakfast that morning, and I was pretty famished! So after packing my stuff and saying bye to Sheelah and her supportive momma, I walked to Hanayo.

If you know me, you’d know how much I love having meals alone. I actually thought of calling a few friends over to join me for lunch but then I realized I needed some time by myself. The week has been so hectic and crazy and it seemed like I never had the chance to just sit down, enjoy my meal and not talk to anyone.

Admit it.

You want it too! Everybody needs time alone! So, don’t give a tiny rat’s ass about people seeing you as a loser just because you’re by yourself—heck, I’m just a busy lady trying to slow down and not think about anything!

Ahhhh….Hanayo. We meet again! I was in luck since there were only a few customers around. I was going to sit in a 2-person table, but I moved to the 4-person table (with the couch) because I needed chairs and SPACE for my things. That doesn’t make me inconsiderate! I would gladly move if a group of people needs the table.IMG_3339The waiter handed me the menu and the order slip. It’s pretty funny because you don’t get to be served. I mean, you have to order at the counter. I wanted to try something new! Like, the bibimbap that my friend Raj and Tin *Amicable Hedonist* recommended, or the Udong soup, and I saw from the menu that they have the Budae Jjigae!!! I remember how Pearl *of Dollface Cosmetics* cooked her own Budae Jjigae before—it looked sooo damn good! I was torn between a lot of choices. I had to make a decision because my tummy was not getting any happier….

So I went to the counter and said, “Rameon and Iced Tea.”

Oh yeah, it’s still the one. Rameon all the way, baby. The other dishes can wait.

While waiting for my order, I actually thought of getting myself Simple Line’s Pearl Milk Tea which was like 3 blocks away. I did not want to lose the table, not leave my things behind, so the Iced Tea had to do. My order took about 10 minutes to arrive, and that gave me ample time to organize my bags. If only you knew how heavy those bags were.

It was finally time to eat… and now I’m going to make you hungry.DSC02720RAMEON with DUMPLINGS for only PHP100.00 @ HANAYODSC02722Mhakkie, if you’re reading this, I stand by my word! I hope to see you soon! **Mhakkie is a friend I’ve met on Twitter! We share this great love for Korean food! I’m sure Paulo would love to meet her too!**

Look at those dumplings…those noodles...DSC02723

And here’s the kimchi! So, you see the one above? THAT’S the kimchi. The one below is actually what I am so crazy about (not the kimchi) The Hanayo ordertaker called it something but I didn’t hear it clearly. All I know is that, it is some kind of a fish. Well, fish, baby. I love you and I can eat you with my rameon all my life!

The thing about Korean dishes is that it can feel a LOT of people. Take the rameon, for example. I tweeted that it could feed 5 kids—and it could! I had 3/4 left in my huge bowl, and I felt so full already! Everything in it was just so delicious.

July 30, 2011 actually marks my 3rd year anniversary with Paulo. He actually called me up while I was eating to say that he was right outside UST waiting for me [which is not possible since he’s in Cebu at the moment] It was just sweet and sad at the same time, because I could’ve had this Korean meal together with him. Still looking forward to that day…

Ciao ciao!



  1. Oh my those pictures made me hungry! I wish Hanayo is just a few blocks away from our house. Maybe I can go there and try it someday. Thanks for this post, I really enjoyed reading it.

  2. Awww....thanks for the special mention. Kilig ako haha! Really, really, really can't wait to hang-out with you soon! I was kinda ogling at the ramyun thinking if it tastes differently with the ones that I buy in Korean Mart. And I think it does with all that dimsum, egg and sidedishes. XD

    See you soon! Mwah! <3

  3. do they have bulgogi there? you should try bibimbap!! and i suggest that you visit korea you'll enjoy it there, cosmetics all over the place! there's etude house, missha, skin food in ever corner, i don't kid :)

  4. Hi Mhakkie! :) Don't mention it! :) Me too I can't wait! :D I'll prolly do the giveaway by the end of August! :)

    Hi Joice! I think they have bulgogi there! :D Haha a lot of people have been telling me to try bibimbap!!! You're the 4th person who told me to! Anyway, oh yeah, your trip to Korea! My sister actually told me about it! You blogged about it right? Someday I'll go there!!! :)