Sunday, 14 August 2011

Beauty Bar Shopping, Mphosis Model Fitting, Auntie Anne’s Survival Pretzel

It was a Friday. August 5.

The model fitting was scheduled at 12:00 NN. And I freaking woke up 10 minutes to 12! Imagine my surprise when I looked at the time. As usual, I made a dash to the shower, hurried and put a face on. Didn’t wear anything fancy, just a white tee, pants, my black Verbena heels, and wore a scarf over. Called for a cab and headed to Edsa Shang. –all those happened in a span of 45 minutes. I move that quick.

I arrived at around 1:15PM. The ladies from MPhosis told me the stylists went on a lunch break. So I decided to walk around.

Beauty Bar popped outta nowhere, so I went in! I knew I’d be spending the moment I saw my babies calling out to me.

#1 Time Balm—I actually went crazy over this counter! I love how their products are cleverly named! Their foundation and concealer looked very promising.IMG_3515These highlighters, bronzers, blush on’s are to die for!!!IMG_3518And see that Mary-Lou Manizer Illuminizer? “” is all I can say about it.

Luckily I was able to resist the temptation. These are priced at 900.00++ each and I would’ve driven myself to the poor house if I gave in to buying. Although, I did promise myself I’d get the things that I like from this line as soon as I finish taking my exams and as soon as all the hassle in school dies down. Perfect reward, I must say.IMG_3517

The next challenge was resisting lipsticks. Oh gosh, these Bloom lippies were screaming out to me. The shades are just too lovely. My inner me was helping me resist “You already have that shade!!!” But then again, the other inner me was screamin’, “NO SHE DOESN’T!!!”IMG_3520

Well, I walked outta Beauty Bar with some things, alright. Did you think I was gonna go out empty-handed? Nu-uh!!! Wanna find out what I bought? Click me and I’ll bring you to my beauty blog! IMG_3531

I went out of Beauty Bar a bit too late. When I arrived at MPhosis, they were already fitting. I was 4th in line. I stood in my heels for about 25 minutes. They [TJMA people] were letting me sit, but I just said, “Hindi, okay lang!

Mind you, it was already 2:15 when we started fitting. And I had classes at 3-5PM! Inside my mind, I knew I’d be missing my classes. But what the heck.

So I was standing there, watching as the stylists doll up the other models.IMG_3536

When it was my turn, I took quick snapshots of the outfits that they made me try on. “This is totally gonna be in my blog.” I said. I’m not going to spill which outfits I’ll be wearing during the TJMA event, though! Let’s keep you guys guessin’ which. Although some of my friends already know!

Never really liked rompers before… but the ones from MPhosis are really great. I tried on two and here is one of them:IMG_3544

Beautiful long gown which felt really amazing on the skin, although doesn’t emphasize the curves that much. Too flowy, I must say. But the fabric was


Black cocktail dress which felt sooooooooooooooo soft on the skin as well…IMG_3557

The stylist added a belt to emphasize the curvature on the middle section.IMG_3564

The fitting took about 30 minutes. I had to make a run to the ATM since I had no cash to pay the cab with. Clever me, indeed!

I was freaking HUNGRY because I didn’t get to have any breakfast because of all the hurrying during the morning. I went to Auntie Anne’s and grabbed myself a pretzel. Cinnamon pretzel. Oh yummy. I thought to myself, “I’ll enjoy this in the cab.”IMG_3576IMG_3578IMG_3583

Stupid me went out of the wrong exit… WALKED IN HEELS AND WAITED FOR CABS EVERY.WHERE. About 15 minutes passed and I finally got into one. But then he didn’t want to take me to UST since it was a Friday, and he said that Espana’s traffic was horrible.

He was kind enough to say, “Hatid na lang kita sa sakayan ng taxi.” I was really annoyed but I agreed. He drove me about a couple of blocks away. I got off in a place I didn’t know, and a long queue of cab-waiters greeted me.

You know me. I don’t line up. I hate waiting. So I decided to walk.

Walk walk walk. Then I reached a dead-end. All I could see were buses to Monumento, etc. It was very CHAOTIC!!! I wanted to GET OUT OF THAT PLACE.

I walked back. I passed the long queue and just walked a bit further.


I got in and said, “Kuya, sa UST please.” He didn’t complain. So I was like THANK GOD!

It was 3:15. So clearly I missed my first class… Stuck in traffic for an hour. So I clearly missed my second class as well.

5:01PM I finally found myself walking inside the UST Campus. My feet. My poor feet.

I should’ve gone home. But I wanted to attend the class meeting. And I had Ramyun and milk tea before going home.

Happy tummy.


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