Monday, 15 August 2011

My Top 5

1. First internationally sponsored product—I picked up this package from the Post Office last Monday. I have never been there [Post Office] Want to know what it is? Go here:

2. Caffe Ti Amo Mocha Espresso with my name on it—I’ve spent everyday last week @ Caffe Ti Amo because of the busted internet at home. And you know I gotta work. And I needed the internet. The baristas always knew what my order was. It was a sweet gesture to put my name in!IMG_3799

3. Euro Vinyl Mini Blinds—I love these babies. Ace Hardware is forever my second favorite place to shop. They make the perfect backdrop for filming. See my first tutorial with them on by going to this link: IMG_3813

4. Tajimaya Dinner with friends—have you tried cooking your food [yourself] before eating it…in a restaurant? Such a lovely dinner we had last Saturday. Tajimaya, Mall of Asia! Eat all you can, by the way. For only PHP 420.00 per head.IMG_3833

5. Spending time with April before she leaves on Tuesday—April’s going back to Canada on Tuesday! I feel so glad to have spent enough time with her. I will miss her AGAIN!!! Love you forever, Pril! Have a safe trip back to Canada!IMG_3837



  1. So cute naman yung name mo on your coffee <3

  2. Thanks Gellie!!! :) I love Caffe Ti Amo!