Monday, 22 August 2011

Block Lunch @ Big Martha |3M8|

DSC03150August 17, 2011 (Wednesday)—Last week was pretty much the most hectic week for us in school. Amidst all the hurly burly, I found a lot of time to bond with my blockmates. We all had lunch @ Big Martha after practicing for the play. DSC03127Big Martha was right across Simple Line, so I trotted across the street and bought myself my favorite Pearl Milk Tea! I went back and ordered (scream) 1/2 cup of rice (but paid for the price of a cup) and a serving of fish fillet. I couldn’t be picky, since no store would actually serve oatmeal, right?! So I sucked it up. And ate rice. (boohoo…)

Below are loads of photos with my blockmates:DSC03129DSC03130DSC03131DSC03136DSC03144DSC03147DSC03148DSC03149And look who I saw! My former blockmates Ken, Meg and Joanne! Missed you guys!DSC03153


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