Monday, 22 August 2011

3M8 Poster Shoot + Makeovers

August 16, 2011—Scheduled poster shoot for our class presentation, “Charmed”.

It was a delight to doll up my blockmates Rajj, Sandy, Jeramie and Mheann. It was my first time to sit on the floor while doing my model’s makeup—quite difficult because of all the cramps! Nevertheless, I absolutely LOVE the outcome. I am very proud of myself (I think that’s okay to say, right?)175742_256361901054490_100000420476260_957406_2433776_oI am soooo proud to say that I worked on the ladies’ brows! Mind you, they all had virgin brows. I was sooooo thrilled to see them all structured and shaped afterwards. Couldn’t count how many pats I gave myself on the back. I’m not trying to sound conceited, I’m just really happy! I sucked big time with brow-shaping before.

So the rest will just be a load of photos from that day. I love 3M8! 285867_256342117723135_100000420476260_957345_6677195_o286220_256328277724519_100000420476260_957286_4392456_o286560_256345657722781_100000420476260_957355_5071307_o287001_256325957724751_100000420476260_957271_6605077_o290692_256329511057729_100000420476260_957289_6869843_o289346_256329074391106_100000420476260_957288_384317_oDSC03102286081_256343891056291_100000420476260_957351_1733114_o287336_256333691057311_100000420476260_957308_2499279_o288602_256325054391508_100000420476260_957268_7405784_o288624_256350541055626_100000420476260_957368_3863439_o289365_256355161055164_100000420476260_957378_7638028_oDSC03107


Our finished poster made by Dana Amaro:290156_1480369624753_1699183930_738339_7209309_o

Special thanks to Aldrich Luke Sy for all the photos [watermarked].

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  1. omg you know sandy! small world. Ive been watching your vids since then