Monday, 22 August 2011

CIRQUE DU SOLEIL: TJMA General Assembly BTS Fashion Show + Charmed

August 19, 2011—The day finally came! I came to school at 7:30AM to do the makeup of our 4 witches (for the class play) and made a dash to the Medicine Auditorium for the final rehearsal for the M)phosis fashion show. I carried a hell lot of stuff. I truly hated my Samsonite traincase that day. I swear, it almost broke my arm off. Too heavy. Not really convenient to bring it around anymore. Anyway, back to my story telling… I sat at the auditorium for 3 grueling hours. I DID NOTHING BUT WAIT. It was freaking annoying! They said the call time was at 9:00AM. And I was early for nothing. Small things like that irritate me. Come on, I could’ve been downstairs helping with the props or something. I wasted 3 hours of my life sitting in there, and watching TJMA people panic and make last minute preparations for the event which was bound to start at 1:00PM. Time ticked away, and we weren’t able to rehearse till 12:45PM—I was backstage for hair and makeup. Prior to that, we had lunch “delivered” to us. TJMA was actually very thoughtful to buy food for us. I would’ve bought it myself, but they offered to buy it for us.

It’s not a secret how I wear full makeup to school everyday. I even curled my hair that day since I knew I’d be in the fashion show. I was also contacted by a TJMA officer inquiring about my hair and makeup services. I got a call, but I did not get a confirmation. (Another thing that got me annoyed… She could’ve texted me and said na hindi na tuloy, I expected, and I even brought my whole traincase just in case.) So the hair and makeup chaos started backstage. It was so cute to see gays doll people up. I have nothing against them, I actually find it really adorable.

My turn on the hair section… The hairdresser (a girl) told me how long my hair is. And I told her, I curled and sprayed hairspray on it this morning so it would be a little difficult to untangle my hair. She had to straighten my hair, and believe me, I felt pain! Come on, try combing your hair after curling and spraying hairspray on.

When it was my turn for makeup, the makeup artist (a gay person) just retouched my face since I told her I already had makeup on. Just for the sake of following the peg, she added a few touched of eyeshadow. It was really weird to have someone do my makeup…


Well, it was pretty fun. She used lotsa translucent powder on me, and I just sat there, remembering how Mally Roncal of MallyBeauty hated that thing.IMG_3999After hair and makeup, I went to the comfort room to change into my outfit. I wore an M)phosis romper (not like the ones I posted in my earlier entries re: fitting) it was actually a different romper. But I totally liked it. It was really soft, flowy and very feminine. I loved how it matched my 5.5 inches high pumps (courtesy of my sister Iza) Now who wouldn’t feel like a model in that outfit.

About 15 minutes before the runway, I had my hair done [again]. We all had to wear poufs (see: peg) It was annoying how the hairstylist left out my bangs. It looked weird. Nonetheless, I appreciated her effort.

The fashion show started and us models sprayed on hairspray on the soles of our heels since the floor was kinda slippery. We ramped… and all I really saw was bright lights. I messed up my counting, but what the hell. 10 seconds of fame was great. DSC03202I am in no way a model. So I am deeply humbled to be one of the few lucky ones who were choses to be part of the runway show.

After the ramp, I took a few photos with fellow models and went to change. The rest of the program was pretty much centered on class commercials and plays. I am proud of our section despite not being able to win any title. We worked our asses off. We know it.

Below are photos from the event…DSC03211DSC03205DSC03207DSC03208DSC03210


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