Monday, 22 August 2011

Sunday Brunch, Shopping and Filming

August 21, 2011 (Sunday)—Couldn’t stress how thankful I was that Sunday finally came… Went to church, hated the homily [since it did not have any meaning in my point of view] and headed to the mall right after, as usual. First thing that made my morning was walking pass by Caffe Ti Amo and seeing the baristas wave at me! (Uhh…they’re not all boys, okay? They’re the baristas I’ve been seeing everyday about two weeks ago when the internet connection conked out at home) It was really cute because they saw me from afar! It’s pretty obvious I spent waaaay too much time in there. But it was really adorable.

We had brunch at The French Baker. It’s been quite a while since we last ate here (quite impossible to believe? Not really!) We had the usual dishes…IMG_4042Soup on a Bread Bowl (Potato and Bacon Soup)IMG_4043IMG_4047I had Chicken Croissant [the potato chips were kinda burnt]IMG_4044And it was a delight that the Hot Chocolate in a Pot was available!!! Mmmmm….IMG_4052

I went shopping after eating. I had no one to stop me from impulse buying…so…

I’ve been wanting to get CoverGirl’s newest lipstick from their new LipPerfect line and I finally got it!!!! Perfect shade of red, I tell you. (Photos will be shared in my beauty blog) The lipstick cost 395.00—kinda mortifying for some, but hey, I want need it!!! Thanks to my boyfriend Paulo for treating me!IMG_4057I got HOT PASSION in 305. And I’m planning to get all shades by this year!IMG_4058IMG_4060

I should probably wait till my haul video is up, but I just have to share my major purchase of the day! This Kara Nina Organizer PHP 599.75. Isn’t it a beauty?! I’ve been wanting to get it for the longest time…and I finally have it! It’s perfect for my gigs! I got the black one, since they were out of the red one.IMG_4063IMG_4064The rest of my purchases will be shared in my beauty blog (these are just spoilers)

So I spent about an hour and a half in SM Dept. Store and their selection of clothes really caught my eye!!! I fell in love with the crème colored dresses, pants, and long sleeved-tops! They all looked verrrry chic! I saw myself in them!

This crème dress reminded me of Frances Sales (editor of OK! Magazine) because she was wearing something similar when we met during the Myra Press Event.IMG_4066

And this one is the super soft and flow-y long-sleeved top I swooned over!IMG_4067

I spent waaaaay too much. And I made this realization when I was on my way home. Lesson learned? Never shop when you’re PMS-ing. You’ll drive yourself to the poor house, darling.

BY THE WAY, I was shopping @ Watsons, and this gay salesperson went up to me and asked me about the white earcuff that I was wearing. He told me it looked exactly like the one Anne Curtis wore @ ShowTime yesterday. And I told him it IS! It’s soooo cool how he recognized it! I gave him my sister’s number and he’s gonna be ordering. I’m so happy that my sister’s business is getting all the attention it deserves! How my sister gave the earcuff to Anne and other celebrities? Go to and had to film as soon as I got back home. I filmed two (2) new videos, one of which is the haul video about my purchases today. The other one is about something very special.

So last Saturday night I downloaded new iPhone apps! And I am just soooo inlove with all of them! I’ll be blogging about them right after this. Just a sneak peek:IMG_4073


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