Thursday, 29 September 2011

Crazy School, Crazy Traffic, FLAWLESS Bloggers’ Night @ Borough, Podium

After two days of suspension of classes, we are now bombarded with a hell lot of school work. School was very stressful today. We have to meet a lot of deadlines, and we’re really running out of time! One thing I looked forward to today was the bloggers event for FLAWLESS, a well-known aesthetic clinic. I luckily got out of school at 6:45PM. Reached home at exactly 7:00PM. I had to change before heading to Podium. I wore something casual since the event did not really call for fancy attires. I wore a tank top, skinny jeans from Reborn, a gray cover up, and my sister’s 5-inch pumps from Parisian. Thank goodness it did not rain tonight.

Coming from Manila, Podium is really far. Plus, the traffic was el terible! I left home at 7:30 and arrived at the venue at around 8:15 or so. I waited for Janica at the Podium lobby while I tried to get internet access. I didn’t freaking know Podium is owned by SM! So there I was…tweeting. Janica arrived a few minutes later, Ira drove her. Janica looked stunning as always! She wore a green dress which complemented her long, brown hair.

We both walked to Borough, and I believe we were the only latecomers. Achi Char arrived ahead of us and it was definitely great to spend time with LuLu ladies again! I love attending events with Janica and Achi Char! They bring a lot of positive vibes in my life! DSC06787DSC06785IMG_4908Borough looked really cozy. The only thing that scared me was the stairs! My legs were shaking as I went up and back down by the end of the event. Nevertheless, the atmosphere of Borough was so warm. They had all these paintings on the wall, and the couches were floral-printed.

The food they served was amazing! Now, I don’t know what they’re called but I can tell you how they tasted like. Janica and I tried out the buffalo(?) wings (were they buffalo wings?) And it was hella funny when she whispered “Say, sobrang spicy, umuusok na ilong ko!” Hahaha! I tried it myself, and maaaaan it really was spicy! The kind of spiciness that rises to your sinuses! Definitely not Shin Ramyun-spicy. Good thing we had our drinks! I particularly liked the fish chops. They tasted really delicious. Crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside. Muy bien, muy bien. We also tried this appetizer with…beef (?) on top of the toasts—very tasty and crunchy! I had to eat the toast and the topping separately so as to not burden myself with thinking of ways on how to eat it as gracefully as possible. The tomato soup was exquisite. The pasta we were served was drenched in real tomato sauce! The taste was really fresh and natural. DSC06734DSC06735DSC06736DSC06737DSC06738DSC06739DSC06740When the waitresses served some shot glasses, I thought we were going to be drinking alcohol or something. Imagine my delight when they brought in mini cookies and….MILK! We had cookies and milk for dessert! Like, how cute is that! The milk was served to us in shot glasses—it was cold and really creamy. The cookies were fresh out of the oven—warm and soft. We tried dipping the cookie in the milk and eating it—WOW. The angels just started singing.DSC06746DSC06748DSC06752DSC06753The whole event was basically an introduction on what FLAWLESS does, and the products and services that it offers. My beauty blog would provide more information on this so I hope you stay tuned for my upcoming posts in there! DSC06750I had a lot of fun hearing the other bloggers talk. Especially Shen of shensaddiction. I am really happy to have met her in person—she talked really adorably! Isa Fabregas, the one who invited me to the event, was very accommodating and friendly. We didn’t fee out of place at all! It was great to meet the people behind the blogs that I am subscribed to! There’s Brigitte, for example; and then there’s Regina who looked totally familiar to me! She is really gorgois in person and in photos!DSC06741DSC06744DSC06745DSC06762DSC06777DSC06783

DSC06754DSC06758DSC06766DSC06769DSC06770I loved taking photos with everyone. My favorite has got to be the Vanity Fair-ish group shot we had. DSC06763It was indeed a great night! In other news, my weekend is packed—and I am very thankful. Will blog more in the next hours. Now I have to get some sleep. Hope you enjoyed this photo-heavy blog post!DSC06782Please go to this link to read about this event on my beauty blog.


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