Sunday, 2 October 2011

Blog Shoot @ Camera Cart

Continuous blessings bring about continuous progress and improvements. My blogs play a vital role in my life because they’re one of my sources of income. I am proud of myself for being able to earn through my passions—I think I speak for every artist out there. As the saying goes, “Make your passion your work, and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.”

One of my bestfriends was scheduled to leave for California on the 30th of September, and she won’t be back in three years. She’s a photographer and we always planned on doing a shoot together; we finally found the right time to do it. IMG_4560Since I needed new shots for my header and blog layout, I scheduled Camera Cart for a shoot last September 18th. It was my second time to use Camera Cart’s studio services. If you can remember, our LuLu Makeup shoot was also held there.

It was just basically me and my photographer, Krizel. Everything went smoothly—the #1 reason why working with people you’re comfortable with works all the time.

All my new header shots that are displayed now and will be displayed in the coming months are all taken from this shoot. I am very happy about how the photos turned out. Of course, if it wasn’t for my Beef, this wouldn’t have been possible.

Here are just some of the photos that I already posted via Instagram:IMG_4594IMG_4590IMG_4585Please stay tuned for the other header photos! Everything is still in  progress but what you see now in my beauty blog and in this personal blog are basically the first looks. I want to thank Camera Cart for the great assistance on the set up and the lights. Camera Cart is definitely a great studio to work in. Affordable rates, not to mention. Click here for the website.DSC06560After the shoot, Beef and I went to SM City Manila and had brunch at The French Baker. I had Chicken Croissant and she devoured a yummy plate of Chicken Cordon  Bleu. We also shared a bread bowl of hot soup! DSC06565DSC06561DSC06563I’m so sad that these are the only photos I’ve taken with Beef!!! We won’t be able to camwhore in the next 3 years. Booohooo….IMG_4565IMG_4563So after lunch, Beef had to leave since she still needed to shop for luggage bags and stuff. Saying good bye to her on that day was fairly simple since I was looking forward to a despedida of some sort. But the thought of saying good bye for real just chokes me up!

I went on a little shopping spree and rested my feet @ Tutti Fruitti to have some yogurt. I’ve neglected my yogurt addiction ever since milk tea came along. But Tutti Fruitti reminded me why frozen yogurt was my first favorite. Have you tried Tutti Fruitti? Mine summed up to 60.00+ and it wasn’t bad at all. You just have to control how much you put in your cup since everything is weighed—including the toppings!DSC06572DSC06571DSC06570I visited Broadway Gems and just had the craziest idea of buying headband hats! This one I’m holding in this photo is the one I used for my Wedding Hair and Makeup tutorial for a bride on a budget. Have you seen that? Click here if you haven’t already.

It just screams Kate Middleton, don’t you think? It cost me PHP 200.00.IMG_4573And I couldn’t resist this little thing. I have a growing affection for bows!!! IMG_4570I bought a few more stuff before finally heading home—including lint free towels for my makeup brushes and tools, grip pads, ballpens and markers, doggy treats and toiletries! Watsons and Ace Hardware are the best places to shop at! I didn’t think it was proper to make a vlog about all of it because none of my haul is beauty related!

It was definitely a fulfilling day.

P.S. Thank you so much to Krizel Corpuz for all the photos! I love you Beef!


  1. ohhhh Broadway Jems! thanks for sharing! I don't have to borrow it fr you anymore! ;P