Monday, 5 September 2011

My Top 5: Korean Food, Goooood Burger, Hair Wax, Heaven in a Jar, Benefit

1. Korean Noodles and Seaweed in Packs—last Saturday, I had dinner with two (2) of my readers, Raisa (winner of my Korean Lunch Giveaway) and Mhakkie, @ Hanayo. All of this stuff came from Mhakkie! She’s been one of the most genuine people I’ve interacted with in Twitter, so it’s not a surprise that I gave her free lunch! She gave me (3) packs of Ramyun and (4) packs of seaweed. I know the spiciness of Shin Ramyun can be intolerable most of the time, but I don’t know why I’m still crazy addicted to it. A pack has 510 kcal, so I don’t really eat it on a daily basis. If I do, however, I compensate with torture squats. The seaweed tasted yummy! I loved the saltiness of it. Surprisingly, my friends Roxanne and Christian did not like it! Neverthless, thank you so much Mhakkie! I hope you’re reading this. IMG_43442. Jollibee’s Champ with TLC Burger—the other day we were watching this video for our Distribution Management class and it all revolved around this fastfood chain in America that sells HUMONGOUS BURGERS that they claimed MAY actually kill their customers. It contains OVER A THOUSAND CALORIES per serving! I can’t remember the name of the chain, but I’m quite positive it has the words “Heart Attack” in it. Well, after that mouth-watering (okay, I admit) video-watching, I started craving for burger. So after hearing mass last Sunday, I ordered a burger @ Jollibee. I rarely eat burgers—but for the sake of satisfying an unnecessary craving, I did. Jollibee has yummy burgers. Not crazy yummy, but they can do! I was imaging the 4-pound whopper in the video while I ate my Jollibee burger. Craving satisfied? Most definitely.IMG_43513. L’Oreal Base Magique Transforming Smoothing Primer—this may be a premature post about this product and I may leave you hanging; but I just couldn’t NOT include it in my current Top 5. This product is HEAVEN IN A JAR. I first heard about it in PurseBuzz’ video and since then I was curious to try it out. The weekend came and the mall was on it’s last day of ultimate sale. Oh baby, I failed. I failed miserably. I gave in and bought a lot of stuff! Including this darling…which was, by far, the most expensive at PHP 803.00. In my defense, it's regular price is PHP 945.00, and it’s a great investment as well. My beauty blog will be the one to do all the explaining on why I love this hot stuff.IMG_43784. Bench Fix Professional Agent Bond Styling Gum—since I still haven’t found the perfect hairspray that would hold my curls for infinite hours, I decided to try another hair product. Here, we enter the world of wax. “Ui, Say! Nakawax ka!” said my blockmate Martin earlier today. Well, of course, he knew I used wax because of the texture and feel of it (my hair) & the fact that he’s a guy. I had this misconception that wax’s are only for men. But over the weekend, I bought one. I chose the yellow one since I thought, I’m gonna be using it for my curls, so I need something that wouldn’t make my locks stiff. This was the perfect choice since it “shapes hair without losing its softness and luster”. And behold, I used it today—and all I can say is I FOUND THE ONE.IMG_4379

5. Benefit Posie Tint, High Beam and BeneTint—I meet a lot of people all over the world, and I think I’ve mentioned Krysha so many times before. She’s one of the people whom I told you guys is the sister I never had. She sent me a box of great stuff about a few days ago and my favorite among the bunch is this! I’ve seen these in her video (haul) and I remember myself saying, man—I’d love to try those out. So I was completely stoked to see it inside the box that she sent me! Krysha is really something. See here, I’ve never met her. I’ve never talked to her (actual communication); we just communicate through YouTube and Twitter but I really feel like she’s someone I’ve known all my life!!! I love her like a sister! Stay tuned about the post on the rest of the things that she sent me. Thank you so much Krysha! Oh, and check her blog out! One of my favorites: The most genuine & not at all pretentious person I’ve ever met online. IMG_4380


  1. Oh I use wax on my hair too! :P It's from Bench too! ♥

  2. VAL! Cool!!! It works pala! Such a shame I knew too late.