Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Taxes & A Series of Good News

Why, hello there! I’ve been MIA in Je m’appelle Say for quite a while; been really busy keeping up with a lot of deadlines, reports, videos, and the likes. Let me just fill you in about what happened the past few days.

September 13th greeted me with a great great news… No spilling of beans but I guess this tweet says it all. I cannot wait to see Judy & Benji again!

judybenjAfter the incident mentioned above, Air21 came to our doorstep and delivered something addressed to my name. I wasn’t really sure from whom the package came from. My sister handed me the paper of the bills I have to pay for before receiving the package, and holy moly, everything summed up to 1,747.00! Where the heck will this all go?! Taxes and duties…yada yada yada. I was pretty annoyed that I had to shell out moolah (since I am on a break from spending). But guess what the package contains…The Luminess AirBrush System Kit! Luminess Air contacted me a few weeks back and told me they wanted me to review their starter kit; I think I screamed and died a little bit inside. It’s an airbrush system, for goodness sake! This costs $169—I definitely cannot wait to do a video about this baby. And guess what…IT’S PINK! When I opened the box, I was quite a bit overwhelmed, so I decided to close the package again and save it for another box-opening day. Another great news is that I received my first payment from StyleHaul/Youtube for the month of August 2011! Could this get any better? Lastly, this is good news to me since after almost 2 weeks of not working out because of exercise-related amenorrhea, I am now safe to go back! Same routine. Same torture. But the feeling of working out is the best in the world. P.S. Thank you, God. You are the reason and the answer for everything.


  1. Aww. You are really blessed, Ms. Say! ♥

  2. Congratulations Say! Continue what you're doing and I know you'll receive more blessings from God. Proud Pinay!!!! HAHAHA! Itaas mo ang Bandera ng mga Pinay Make up Gurus!!!! ^___^

  3. Wow! :D Ang daming blessings! <3 Naku, excited ako sa outcome nang airbrush system, if it's worth spending on or not! :D

  4. Apol, thank you for supporting me. :x

    Maggie!!! Thank you so much! You're one of the best readers ever :x

    VAL!!! Thank you so much! <3 BTW ang ganda mo sa video mo. I wanted to squeeze you!! You looked like a doll! :D

  5. Congrats Say! don't torture yourself too much with your work look fabulous just the way you are ^_^ Can't wait for your video with Judy and also your Airbrush kit review! :)

  6. Hi Photoescape! Thank you so much! :D You are so sweet! :D