Sunday, 5 February 2012

Christmas Dinner | Cyma+TGIF| with Volleyball Teammates

It has always been a tradition for myself and my high school volleyball teammates to meet up once/twice a year and celebrate occasions together! Last year, we had Christmas dinner at Cyma.

Cyma is a Greek restaurant. A very interesting one. I haven’t tried dining in there before so you could imagine how the loud once in a while shouts of the word “OPA!” from the waiters startled me! *you’d get this when you eat there! The place was almost packed when we arrived, fortunately, we were still able to get a table of 6.


Their menus were ridiculously HUGE! I literally had to stretch out my hands to open it up and took about 5-8 minutes to browse through everything—even more!


I ordered Chicken Gyro for myself. It is basically tomatoes, red onions and tzatziki wrapped in pita. I don’t know what the hell tzatziki is. All I know is I at pita with chicken in it.


Look at this! They wrote all of that down in chalk!


And of course, my drink as always—lemonade.


My Chicken Gyro! Looks appetizing huh? Oh by the way, the sauce was fuuuhreaking spicy!


Here are my lovely teammates! We’ve known each other for more than 7/8 years! Love them to death! (L: Lareina, R: Jill)


(L-R: Danika, Tiffany, Agnes)


So, since Jill came in late, AND we wanted to score free dessert, Agnes (as always) asked the waiter that we were celebrating a birthday! (Which wasn’t true!!!) Hahaha! After dinner, the waiters all sang!


Hahahah Jill definitely look embarrassed!


But she blew the candle anyway!


This has got to be the worse dessert I ever tasted!!! I don’t know what it is! All I know is I never want to have it ever again.


I love these girls! We are incomplete, actually! The others were not able to make it! Our lives has totally changed. Imagine, we started out as little kids playing volleyball. And NOW, some of us are already working! How time flies!


After dining in at Cyma and doing some walking around the mall, we went to TGIF for some last minute finger food and chicka. We actually stayed in there till closing time.


I never laughed so hard in my life. We played this little game called “Shit Shit” and damn was it funny!

Here’s what we had while chattering the night away….


Pretty tasty nachos. I’m sure Paulo’s jealous as hell! (He loves this stuff!)

And to cap off the night, another group photo!


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  1. It is good to catch up like that. Keeping it alive but time sure does fly by fast.