Sunday, 19 February 2012

Healthy Blending & Drinking + be-Buff + Working Out


It’s 1:36 in the morning and I’m picking up where I left off. If only I could get rid of this obsessive compulsive need to blog about all the past photos I’ve taken using Instagram…Anyhoo, next up is: Blending! (I should’ve typed in “juicing” but that would make me a liar) You all know how I’m a big IJT and BenjiManTV fan. Throw in the gorgeous RissRose2, too! They all juice! And by juice I mean, use a juicer and juice fruits and veggies to drink! Being a loyal subscriber to those three beautiful people, of course I jumped in the idea. Numero uno problemo—I don’t have a juicer! (Like, damn, woman. How can you juice without a juicer?!) I looked up online and even in appliance centers and I could totally buy myself one! Breville is non-existent in my area, but I’ve found good alternatives! I still haven’t found the right time to buy one so for the meantime, I use our blender! (Like, damn, woman, how can you juice with a blender?) You DON’T! You simply blend! Let me show you what I whip up for myself from time to time…


Here’s what I had for breakfast a couple of days ago. A huge chunk of watermelon + 1 scoop of GNC Live Well’s be-Buff Protein and Fiber Mix. This tastes soooo damn good. Might tend to be too sweet, so I add water to dilute (did I use that correctly?) the mixture. Fills up my tummy in no time!


I freaking love my Blender Bottle from GNC Live Well! See here, it comes with this cute Blender Ball which you drop inside (obviously) and you can pretty much mix by shaking the bottle (closed, of course) Read more about this ingenious product here:


Here we have a potent mixture that I experimented with and forced myself to drink up… I blended pechay (lol!!!) mango, and papaya in this! Let me just say one thing… Pechay (I don’t know the English term for this veggie), when blended, smells AND tastes bad!!! My mom told me right after I blended how pechay gives this aftertaste! She was right! Moms will always be right!!! I only made half a bottle, and felt this need to drink it all up!

So I did the usual way of drinking something you don’t really want to: pinch nose, drink up!


This is the reason why juicing has recipes! Don’t copy me and just buy whatever you feel like blending/juicing together! Hahaha!

Now this part would be yummy.


BEST mixture I’ve made: watermelon, mangoes, (I think I threw in papaya, too) + be-Buff Protein and Fiber Mix. This made the best drink ever!!!



Did these make any changes to my body? Of course it did! The be-Buff, even alone, did, too! Perfect digestion, stronger, leaner muscles and basically this overall feeling of healthiness!

Why don’t you try it?

Can’t wait till I get my juicer. It will definitely everything.

What exactly does GNC Live Well’s be-Buff Protein and Fiber Complex Mix do to my body?

I drink 12oz of this baby every morning and after I workout at night. I feel stronger while working out—which is what’s supposed to happen.

  • supports lean muscle tone
  • enhances your workout
  • increases metabolism
  • supports beautiful hair, skin, and nails
  • includes a clinically proven fiber to improve regularity and help you feel full longer
  • with digestive enzymes to reduce bloating
  • great-tasting, low fat, and low calorie

I’m down to my 3rd pack as of this moment. I love drinking the Vanilla Bean and most especially the Chocolate Chunk flavor!

One pack costs PHP1,000++ (GNC went on sale about a few weeks ago, so I was able to buy 2 for the price of 1)

Yes, it’s very expensive, so if you’re not that serious about toning your muscles, please, do not waste your money!




I’m not sponsored by GNC to make a blog post about this (although I wish they would LOL!!!) I just merely want to share what I take for my workouts!

The thing is, I get fat so easily! So working out is something that cannot be phased out of my life. Good heavens, no.

One more thing, I workout in the comfort of our own living room.  People have been asking… And I still am yet to do my fourth workout video! Have you seen the first three?

Here you go:


  1. I freaking love my Blender Bottle from GNC Live Well! See here, it comes with this cute Blender Ball which you drop inside (obviously) and you ...

  2. I freaking love my Blender Bottle from GNC Live Well! See here, it comes with this cute Blender Ball which you drop inside (obviously) and you ...