Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Neutrogena Lunch @ Chef Jessie (Rockwell Club)


I had lunch with the Neutrogena team and fellow bloggers last January 27 at Chef Jessie, Rockwell Club. It is definitely one of the best places I’ve dined in.


Had mango shake as always—tasted so delicious and all natural!


Cream of Carrot & Pumpkin Soup—I am such a fan of anything squash/pumpkin, so you can imagine how much I enjoyed this!


Pan Fried Apahap Fillet in Grenobloisse Sauce—I loved this stuff. The apahap fillet was definitely scrumptious! The mashed potato was mashed to perfection. It’s amazing.


And for dessert… Demitasse of Chocolate-Coffee Soufflé—this was purely orgasm in the mouth. I have never tasted anything better than this soufflé. All I could say was, “oh my goodness” while I drowned in its flavors.


With crème-anglaise


To end the meal, I had some tea!


The water looked so inviting at the venue.

I definitely had the best time. Thank you Neutrogena Philippines!

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