Sunday, 5 February 2012

Spending Time with Judy, Benji & the Family (January 21-23)

I am finally almost done catching up with all the backlog entries and I know you know what this post is going to be all about… I met Judy and Benji way back in February 2011. It was their first Meet  and Greet. I was a total fan girl back then and I believe I still am now! I never expected that we’d be friends like, in real life kind of friends. I was extremely delighted when, at the end of the year, they told me they wanted to do the Meet & Greet in 2012 with my help, hang out with me, and film a video together with Judy. That was definitely one of the best news I received in 2011. I felt extremely happy.

So we planned everything months before. I searched for places we could all hang out in and stuff like that. Everything went smoothly! It all boiled down to Red Mango in the Mall of Asia. Everything definitely went well.

Now this is the part where I start telling you all about it with the help of photos!


So, let’s get started…

January 21, 2011 (Saturday)—I arrived at Red Mango at 6:00PM, talked to the manager and started having all the seats reserved. The place was actually packed and I got worried and prayed all the customers leave on time! Haha! Luckily, they did! Benji came at around 6:30—it was soooo good to see him again! People started coming in 6:50PM onwards. It was so much fun. Everything went really well! When Judy came in she gave me a hug! She looked totally gorgeous!

The meet and greet blogged here:

This photo was during the picture taking! Everyone went cray cray! I didn’t get to take that much photos with people because my huge satchel was such a burden to carry and sweet darlings took photos with me!!! It was so surreal. I wish I took duplicates on my cam to share…


All the men taking photos for their women!


Don’t be deceived, this is just HALF of the people that came to the event. More people were scattered around! It was impossible to get everyone in the frame.


This is such a lovely photo! Judy called me to join in the shot and I didn’t realize it was all family in the picture! <3 They are all Judy’s cousins! There’s Avriel, Jann, Jet, Kaye, Kuya Randy, and Jhed!


Judy, myself, Achi Char, and Benji


Look who I finally met that night! Teena!!! She really is a funny person. I can’t wait to hang out with her more in the future!


After the Meet and Greet, I had dinner with Judy’s family! It was sooo cool! I sat together with Judy and Kaye! Kaye was soooo sweet to me! I love her! She has the most prettiest face ever. They made me feel like family! I actually felt like I’ve known Kaye for so long even though it was only our first time to meet!

Here’s a shot of Judy and I!


A photo of us that Judy took using Benji’s phone!


I had to take this shot for Instagram


After dinner! Caught up with Tita Nini!!! It was really touching when we saw each other at the Meet and Greet! She said “Say” in a really excited manner!!! Of course I hugged her! Judy told me Tita Nini loves my videos! How flattering is that?!?! No wonder Judy is such an amazing person. She got it from her Momma!!! <3

Oh yeah, see that framed photo of Judy and Benji? That’s my gift to them! It was actually the photo I took of Judy and Benji back in FEB 2011!


This was the place we had dinner in. Xin Wang Hong Kong CafĂ©—muy bien! The food was great.


After dinner, I hugged everybody good bye  and went home. I was totally excited for the next day! Why? Read on…

January 22, 2012 (Sunday)—Oh baby I woke up pretty late! 11:30 to be exact! Benji called up and asked me what time I’d be over at the hotel. In a very calm manner I said about 30 minutes. After I put the phone down, I made a mad dash to the shower!!! I wasn’t able to curl my hair :( I didn’t even have the perfect outfit prepared! I just had to rush! I arrived at the hotel at 2:00PM sharp!

Benji and Kuya Randy fetched me at the lobby and led me to the hotel room.


Look who greeted me!!! The beautiful Judy!


Benji taught me A LOT!!! Thank you so much Benji!!!


Kuya Randy gave me chocolates—these tasted yummy!


My outfit that day!


After a few minutes, we headed out to the mall to go shopping! I am sooo glad I brought my card with me! I spent a lot. It was crazzzzzy! Benji and Kuya Randy came along with us—and waited while Judy and I checked out all the stalls one by one.


Here we are at the In2it counter.


What I bought! Cost me about 1,800++


Back at the hotel, we went to the room that Benji and Judy reserved for us to film in. Look at the view!


I had soooo much fun filming with Judy! She is the most down-to-earth person everrr. I love her!!!


After filming, we hung out in the hotel room! Judy ordered food to eat. Yummy pizza



Had dinner at Judy’s cousin’s place that night! The food was amazing! Don’t you just love how Filipinos prepare food? I love how tight Judy’s family is! They are all soooo sweet and soooo welcoming!



Back at the hotel!


This is KAYE!!! Isn’t she sooo pretty?! I am sooo glad I met her! She’s one of Judy’s cousins!



I had the best night with Judy, Benji, and Judy’s cousins. It was so much fun to spend the night with them!

January 23, 2012 Monday—Woke up at around 9AM, had to go home to shower!


I brought hopia for Tita Nini, Judy and Benji when I went back to the hotel! Tita Nini and her friends LOVED IT! They actually know Master Hopia (which my mom’s family’s business)


Judy’s mom and cousins had to go back to Batangas and this was our group photo before they left. I got teary eyed while saying bye to them! They’re really great people. After they left, Judy told me she hates goodbyes! I do, too!


We went back to the hotel and Benji and I watched Inglorious Basterds on the TV while Judy re-did her makeup. It was sooo cool watching Judy apply makeup! I was able to ask her a lot! Live makeup tutorial from ItsJudyTime, heeeeyyy!!!

We headed out after a few minutes! It was the day I toured them to Chinatown! Coincidentally, the 23rd is the day of the Chinese New Year!

Judy and I inside the cab


And there’s Benji!


First stop: The President’s Tea House


Bird’s Nest Soup



ItsJudysLife vlogs!


Beef Hofan—they loved this!


Crispy Chili Prawns—Benji went crazy over this


Still pretty even after all the walking!


I look weird in this photo…and so does Benji! Haha!


Enjoying the tea!


Second stop: Wai Ying for the best asado siopao ever!



Benji approves!


Next stop: Ling Nam for the best mami and siomai ever!


Definitely the bessssst ever


One of the best beef mami ever!


A piece of siomai costs 30.00! It’s sooo good. You have to try it.


Took them to 168!


Next stop was Wellmansons!


My mom and sisters got to see Judy and Benji too!!!



Last stop at Master Hopia! Benji wanted to take some hopia to Japan!


After that, we walked back to our place and called a cab to go back to the hotel!

I accompanied Judy to the mall coz she wanted to have her nails done. She also did some shopping. Judy has really good taste in clothes! I definitely loved spending every minute with her! We talked about a lotta stuff!

If there’s one thing I discovered about Judy, SHE WALKS SOOOOOO FAST!!! Hahaha! I had to keep up with her pace! She reminded me of the way my mom walks!

After all that, we went back to hotel and I said my goodbyes to Benji and Judy!

I wanted to cry when I hugged them goodbye!!! But I held the tears back! I just felt so happy and sad.

The days I spent with them were just beyond AWESOME. I will never forget this!


  1. Wow! Everything sounded like fun! I felt like I was almost there! All the food look so delish as well!


  2. Hi Say! I have never been to China town ever, so this post was a walk-through of the best gastronomical adventure there is :) Thanks for sharing! You and Judy look lovely by the way. You must be thrilled to host Judy's visit. Sayang I missed the meet and greet! Won't miss it next time. And your's too :)

    P.s. Will order a box of Master Hopia when I see you on March :) Yay!