Friday, 11 May 2012

Grocery Shopping, Filming & Makeup

A girl going through PMS should never go grocery shopping alone. Apparently, I felt “so hungry” and bought all this from the supermarket! Funny how I bought healthy cereals but added in unhealthy items in my cart like FULL cream milk, instant pho, Shin Ram Yun, Doritos, pancakes, california maki, and MAPLE SYRUP! *shakes head* I also bought treats for my doggies!

IMG_12232 (569)

This tastes amaaaaazing. Nothing beats authentic pho, though! You know what I wanna do? Go to Vietnam and eat in an authentic Pho restaurant!

IMG_12232 (572)

New products Trina of Krave Minerale gave me during our last shoot. She knows how much I love Cupine Aloepa so she gave me another one! Panacea and Zit Splash are two new skincare products which I am excited to review.

IMG_12232 (574)

These are from our April Krave model, Julia Morente! Face masks from Skinlite and lotion from Bath & Body Works! Julia, I loooooove the smell of Dark Kiss! It’s amazing!!! Thank you so much.

IMG_12232 (575)

One of my lunches during a day at the office. Apparently, I should have put the california maki inside the refrigerator overnight.  I took one and it tasted funny, so I ended up throwing the other 9. Such a waste.

IMG_12232 (576)

If you watched my most recent haul, I bought a new James Cooper foundation. And I got a free sponge!

IMG_12232 (577)

New wallet I bought from Riviera. Real leather. 1,200.00 down the drain. Available at SM Department Store.

IMG_12232 (579)

During a bloggers event for the mommies!

IMG_12232 (580)IMG_12232 (581)

This is Rameon from the office cafeteria. They call it “ramen”. It’s WAAAAAAAAAY too spicy. I always end up with a runny nose and teary eyes after eating.

IMG_12232 (582)

Another PMS-related purchase.

IMG_12232 (583)

Baby Harry asleep!

IMG_12232 (585)

Naomi only gave to 1 pup. One adorable pup.

IMG_12232 (589)

Made a video on the Sigma brushes! You can watch the video here!

IMG_12232 (631)IMG_12232 (590)

Cute puppy mouth!

IMG_12232 (615)

New shoes I got from Payless! Aren’t the glitter flats adorable?! Watch the haul video here!

IMG_12232 (616)IMG_12232 (633)

My first time to try Thai milktea. I looooove Thai Cha Yen.

IMG_12232 (618)

New makeup from Make Up Hub by Naturele Collezione! I made a swatch video on these babies! Check it out here.

IMG_12232 (638)IMG_12232 (621)

Another BEAUTIFUL SUNSET!!! Taken right outside our window.

IMG_12232 (623)

Favorite mea from BonChon!

IMG_12232 (626)

One of my FAVORITE lipsticks ever!!! ModelsOwn Hyperbrite Lipstick in Annalise’s Pink! (Order here)

IMG_12232 (636)

Got a palette from Sedona Lace! Perfect addition to my makeup collection. Watch the video here.

IMG_12232 (641)IMG_12232 (646)

With the little cutiepatootie Harry Barry Marry Warry!!!

IMG_12232 (643)

One of the photos I took with my iPhone during my Cebu trip! Look how CLEAR the water is!

IMG_12232 (647)

Amazing Goddess Rocks from MeMeMe! These are bronzers, by the way.

IMG_12232 (648)

OH YEAH. PHO BO KHO (Beef Stew) from Pho Hoa. Can’t get enough of Pho. Are you a Pho addict too?

IMG_12232 (652)


  1. I know how you feel about PMS.. I am having one right now! haha! but when I have PMS I would only like to eat Ice cream and spaghetti bolognese... food porn pics ~.~ I love Vietnamese cuisine since its super spicy! I think they are spicier than Korean rameon ^_^ ur puppy is so cute!

    Much Love!


  2. hi Ms. Say .. are there any walk-in stores that I can buy ModelsOwn HyperBrite lipstick in annalise's pink from? i love pink! i wanted to buy one..

  3. Hi Ms. Say :)
    Are there any walk-in stores that I can buy modelsOwn HyperBrite lipstick in Annalise's pink from? i love pink color.. i wanted to have one..

  4. I feel like we have so much in common pati how we feel about food!! Like feeling so guilty every time we eat! I super feel guilty all the time!! hihi