Friday, 11 May 2012

Food, Charriol, and A Margarita

Have you ever experienced one of those moments wherein you look everywhere in your kitchen just to find something to satisfy your craving? I have. And I made mini pancakes!!! I didn’t eat them all, of course. I made some for my mom and sisters as well! They tasted so good! I love cooking pancakes. As you can see on the plate, some are “perfect pancakes” while some are burnt (on the bottom—so you can’t see!) Omnomnom all the way, baby.

IMG_12232 (659)

Breakfast in the cafeteria. This is hot chocolate and whole wheat baguette with…


…lettuce, tomatoes, A SUPER THIN SLICE of SPAM (the horror—I love thick spam), and cheese)


My friend Lareina! She accompanied me to one of the bloggers events that I attended. She is definitely one of my closest friends ever! We’ve been volleyball partners since 3rd grade [till 3rd year high school].


Upon arriving at Skye, The Fort


Can’t believe I was invited to the Charriol event! I was there with top beauty bloggers for Pete’s sake! Thank you Charriol! Read about the event here.


Here we are at Jamba Juice, The Fort.


The parfait I ordered. I don’t know what to say. I didn’t like it that much. Perhaps the Vodka Tonic & Chardonnay I drank during the bloggers event is the culprit.


Here you see a fake “I am loving this parfait” smile.


Trying out the giant photobooth at Jamba Juice


Stopped by 7th High for some drinks before heading home. I had a margarita & mistakenly typed “martini” as the caption in my Instagram. I guess I was too sleepy!


Watch the vlog here:

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