Thursday, 10 May 2012

Makeup Looks, Food and Work

Hi everyone! 

finally finished all my posts during my 7-day trip in Cebu! Now we have to move on to a lot of Instagram photo-blogging! I honestly don’t know why I feel that I have to do this. I just need to! I have to! I guess this comes with my whole obsessive-compulsiveness. It’s very therapeutic for me [blogging]. And I know some people out there enjoy this, too!

Remember my friend Annie from Cebu? Upon getting back in Manila, I took a photo of the beautiful heart-shaped container from F21 that she gave me. It looks so beautiful! I’ll fill this up with stud earrings! Thank you so much Annie! Love you and I really miss you!

IMG_12232 (427)

Look at the wonderful cloud formation taken right outside our window! Isn’t it beautiful? I actually have a lot of sky shots that I’ve already posted on IG; and definitely many more thanks to nature!

IMG_12232 (430)

This is from the first tutorial that I filmed when I got back from Cebu! I used my Dream in Full Color Palette from Stila (given to me by a good friend, Jennifer from SkinSonic PH) I loved how the look turned out! If you haven’t seen the video tutorial yet, you can click on this link!

IMG_12232 (438)

This one’s a hair tutorial which I filmed right after I did the makeup look above! I love this hairstyle!!! It’s very easy to do, even! You can watch the tutorial here.

IMG_12232 (439)IMG_12232 (444)IMG_12232 (448)

This is one of my favorite shots from the Stargaze Makeup Look :) Although you can see my roots showing already!!! I need to get them retouched ASAP!

IMG_12232 (440)

My darling Paulo :) I love this photo! I’m already planning my next trip back to Cebu!!! Definitely before the year ends!

IMG_12232 (441)

I am currently taking up my 300-hour internship at Flawless (it’s a requirement in my course)! I haven’t really told everyone about this—but it’s the main reason why I only get to film on weekends! You didn’t notice, did you? Because I still am able to upload videos every other day. Of course I need to work hard. I need to keep everything alive!!! I refuse to file a ‘leave from YouTube/blogging’

IMG_12232 (443)

Huge M&M’s! Everyone needs to have chocolate once a while!

IMG_12232 (446)

This is another look from the Dream in Full Color Palette! “Oasis Look” click here for the tutorial!

IMG_12232 (449)

I rode the LRT a few weeks back and this baby boy was beside me. CAN YOU SEE THOSE RIBS?!?!?! I was about to ask the guy holding him why the dog looks malnourished! He kept pulling the leash when the dog was dozing off! Gosh, I hate people who don’t treat dogs right. I oughta sock them all.

IMG_12232 (450)

Oh heeeeeeyyyyy!!! My Sigma Make Me Blush brushes greeted me when I got back from Cebubu! I was ecstatic to see them! Can you imagine? The only thing I could do before was to add this in my wishlist! Now I have it—and got it for free! THANK YOU Sigma Beauty for putting so much trust in me!

IMG_12232 (451)

Well, hello there little kitty!!! Can you see the hidden mickey??? It’s not so hidden after all. P.S. She’s pregnant, too!

IMG_12232 (452)

My bestfriends during the first few days of internship. Coffee and doughnuts. Thank God Dunkin’ Donuts in our cafeteria closed down, though. If not, my hips and thighs would’ve expanded 10x!

IMG_12232 (453)

I came across this photo in Google. Makes a WHOLE lot of sense. Come on. Act the way you want to feel.

IMG_12232 (2)

This is a tutorial I made attempting to achieve Michelle Phan’s makeup during the launch of FAWN, while others think I failed miserably, a lot more people thought I did pretty good. Click here for the tutorial!

IMG_12232 (473)

Here’s another habit I’m glad I cut! So you see, I pass by a Starbucks branch everyday when I go to work! I think it was 3 consecutive days that I had French toasts and coffee jelly. NO BUENO!!! Try it if you want your hips to expand in a matter of a week!

IMG_12232 (480)

You can never have too much butter! (familiar? Of course! Julia Child!!!)

IMG_12232 (481)

Oh yeah. BonChon!!! This was during one of those dinners that I had by myself. I ordered spicy chicken!

IMG_12232 (485)

…and not to forget, kimchi coleslaw! YUMMM!

IMG_12232 (486)

Lovely pink bag I got from an online shop. Cathy was such a sweetiepie to send me a free bag. Now I have something to use whenever I run quick errands! Visit the online shop here.

IMG_12232 (487)IMG_12232 (493)

I had to take a photo of this while in traffic. How clever! SANDWICHES….SANDWICHEESE!!!

IMG_12232 (494)

During one of the photoshoots of Flawless for a billboard… I made myself some coffee. And then I saw these! I was clueless! I can’t believe I don’t know how to make espresso!!! But I have seen Sims do it. Hahaha. Now my mind won’t shut up until I figure out how to operate an espresso machine! Oh the things you tell yourself you NEED to do…

IMG_12232 (495)IMG_12232 (496)

What I always love coming home to. Packages!

IMG_12232 (498)

I owed this to Luminess Air for a looooooong loooong time! I finally filmed an airbrush tutorial!!! Click here for the video!

IMG_12232 (506)

Fun way of setting the hair! Velcro rollers! Don’t ask me where to get them—it’s EVERYWHERE! Watsons/Dept. Stores…etc.

IMG_12232 (508)

This one’s a Night Out Makeup Look I filmed! Here’s the tutorial!

IMG_12232 (513)

I wore this to a night-out and it showed up so great in photos!

IMG_12232 (514)

Another wave of Instagram photo-blogging coming!


  1. Hi Say! You look so busy but still so pretty! :) Do you mind me asking your hair color? thank u!

  2. Ganda! Love your tutorials too :p
    Keep blogging and posting vids

  3. Aww! I really miss you too and love you! I want to get the Dream Full palette by Stila because of you! I might get a small one :) Anyway, I really love reading your blog ;) takes the stress away!--yan yung comment ko hihi