Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Day 8 in Cebu - Last Day

April 7, 2012

My last day in Cebu. Paulo and I went to SM Cebu to have lunch together. Of course I had to get my Koldkiss Milkshake for the last time!!! I miss it!

IMG_12232 (389)

I knew I was gonna miss it so much that I got an XL!

IMG_12232 (399)

Bought Colette’s buko pie for Papa! This was one of the last minute pasalubongs I had to buy.

IMG_12232 (396)IMG_12232 (397)

Paulo and I ate at Sunburst since Annie suggested the place. But apparently, we should’ve eaten at the Ayala Center Cebu branch of Sunburst. We got the worst service at SM Cebu!!! It took 45 minutes before we got our food—which were not even LAMI KAAYO. No bueno!


But I did love the lomo soup


And the calamares


The chickens were bleeeech…but at least they look nice in photos!


After eating, Paulo and I went to Duty Free. I got myself two Maybelline “The Falsies” Mascaras and a free kohl pencil all for only $16.00! I saved like 200++ since one mascara in the market costs 449.00! And I got two for 600++ only!

IMG_12232 (402)

We went back to the house and I took a nap before my flight (which was at 10PM)

It broke my heart to say bye to my darlings…AGAIN.



Le sigh. Well, the hardest goodbye was for Paulo, of course.

Daddy (Paulo’s grandpa) gave me a whole bunch of lechon to bring back to Manila! Thank you Daddy!! And Mommy (Paulo’s grandma) really wanted to make me cry because she cried when I was leaving the house already. I was holding back the tears, really! I gave Paulo’s brother Stephen a hug and we finally left. Daddy and Paulo took me to the airport.

My luggage weighed EXACTLY 20.00kg (I was like, WHEW!) I didn’t want to pay for excess baggage!!!

IMG_12232 (413)

Boarding pass ready!

IMG_12232 (414)

Good bye CEBU!!!

IMG_12232 (416)DSC09832DSC09834

After taking this photo, I bawled my eyes out. :(


Upon arriving at NAIA

IMG_12232 (421)IMG_12232 (422)

And, hello MANILA!

That concludes my 7-day trip to Cebu! I hope you enjoy all the blog posts and all the vlogs!

Watch the video here:

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