Thursday, 21 June 2012

Ben Nye, Puppies, Food and Make Up

Oh wow. It has been a while since I blogged through Instagram photos! Here’s another blow of IG posts!

Meet Mr. Ben Nye. I was sooooo glad to be contacted by The Style Quarter! They sent over some Ben Nye products! It’s been my long time wish to own Ben Nye products and now I have two!!! I have yet to make reviews, but all I can say is, the Conceal-All Wheel is AMAZING.


I swore I’d buy a pair of shoes every month this year but I never got the chance/time to do that. Luckily, I have shoe-fairies!!! These are Vivienne Westwood Melissa shoes from Mr. & Ms. Shopaholic Collezione. I love how comfy they are to walk in with! The only downside is that they pinch the front part of my feet after a while. Nevertheless, these are beautiful!


We had a Neutrogena dinner a few days back and the venue was just awesome. Very (insert appropriate adjective here) I have yet to blog about the event—and the amazing food!!


Twitter was flooded with tweets about the Big n Tasty (is that what it’s called?) McDonald’s burger so we jumped in the bandwagon and tried it! Awesomeness, baby. I suggest eating it when you’re really hungry to fully appreciate every taste. Pricey at 120.00 for ala carte but worth satisfying the hunger, methinks.


Aren’t these soooo cute? 4U2 Cosmetics sent them over for me to try out. I actually made a tutorial using them, you can watch it here. I still have to go more in-depth with these products in another video. Thank you 4U2 Cosmetics!


Dirty brushes = messed up life. Clean brushes = happy life! Weird analogy, but it totally applies to me!!! Everything HAS to be in order. Don’t they look pretty??? Finally all clean!


Skindinavia PH surprised me with this amazing finishing spray!!! Makes the makeup last for up to 16 long hours, baby!!! My experiment video on this will go up as soon as possible! (59ml)


I have FINALLY done the video using my Picasso Hair Feather Extensions!!! Aren’t they soooo gorgeous? Definitely a great way to accessorize and liven up the hair a little bit more! You wanna see the tutorial? Here it is! Don’t worry, this is cruelty-free! Check out Picasso Hair Feathers!


I am totally in love with my new make up bag!!! This is a Paul & Joe bag from Prestige Companies. Probably one of the best make up bags I’ve ever owned! It fits a LOTTT of products inside!!!


This is one thing I TOTALLY love doing—grocery shopping! I love everything about it!!!


My Sundays are not complete when I don’t eat at The French Baker. Here is another yummy bowl of Soup in a Bread Bowl… Mmmmm!


Chicken Croissant with BBQ Chips!!! BEST combination ever!


I finally got my hands on the Etude House Color My Brows! I got the shade in #2 Light Brown. Bought it for 300++. Used it in one of my recent tutorials and got mixed feedback! Light Brown looked a tad too light for me, methinks. Nevertheless, the color pay off is wonderful!


Look at our baby Harry!!! SO GROWN UP!


Filming in front of a bright light!


This is the “Enchanted” makeup look I filmed last week! :) I loooove the flower hair accessory I got from my super sweet friend Annie!!! <3 Love you Annie!!! By the way, she got this from Accessorize! :D Best birthday present from a stranger turned a super close friend! <3


I used Etude House’s Color My Brows in this look. It really depends under what lighting I am that determines how the color of the brows look like!


You can watch the video tutorial here!


After filming the tutorial for the look above :)


I love Sigma to bitssss and pieces. This pink one’s the Sigma Make Me Blush Travel Edition Kit! I place all the brushes I use everyday in here :)


Breakfast cereals. Mmm!


Stay tuned for another wave of IG posts in a minute!


  1. Ms. Say you have such a wonderful life right now and i am so happy for you... I envy you much but i know someday we can achieve whatever we want just by being positive in life. Just like you even not all people likes you your still nice and keep inspiring us :) Maybe that's why blessings keep on showering upon you :) stay nice Ms. Say... Btw i have the etude house color my brows in dark brown i love it much and so easy to use... :) love your sigma brushes so much too and all of your tutorials i even tried it on my own still practicing :) Thanks alot for your blogs and vlogs somehow you just really help us inspiring us thank u so much!

  2. When our practice got started we needed ben nye help. These were the guys we turned to and they did a great job.