Thursday, 7 June 2012

Paul & Joe Makeup Bag, Pancakes and SPA Time

Hello everyone! Here’s another post with all the Instagram photos I was able to take the past weeks! Starting off with…

1. Paul and Joe [makeup bag]—how cute is this? It’s a perfect bag to place my everyday makeup products in! *I used to only use these types of bags to place my merienda when I was still in preparatory school!!! Hahaha* I’ll do a video on that, definitely! This was sent to me as a token from Prestige Brands Philippines. Thank you Prestige Brands!


I filmed a Day to Night makeup tutorial for Danielle, my sweet subscriber who sent me an Urban Decay Book of Shadows IV. It was her request and I did it a few days ago! I filmed at 12:30AM and was already very tired, hence the reddish eyes. Nevertheless, I ‘m glad Danielle loved it. You can watch the video below the photo!


I love being a brandvocate for Neutrogena Philippines, and I am very excited for this upcoming event they’re holding. Look how cute the invitation is!


Julia, one of our Krave models, gave this to me during our shoot months ago, it has been my favorite ever since! This is the “Dark Kiss” triple moisture body cream from Bath and Body Works. The scent of this totally digs deep into my very core. It smells sooooo freakin’ good! I love it too much. Thank you Julia for giving me 2 squeeze bottles! :) I have enough to last me the whole year!


This was last June 2, it was a rainy day and I headed to The PanCake House at Greenbelt 1 before going to my appointment. I had green mango shake and blueberry pancakes! It was my first time to try out green mango shake—it was sour (like it was meant to be!) The blueberry pancakes were delicious! I wanted to savor each bite but I’m afraid I rushed to finish it because I was running late. If you wanna see how gooey it was inside, you have to watch the vlog I did!


My appointment was at The Spa! Just the name of it makes me feel serene and relaxed! I have not posted a formal entry about my experience there although these photos will serve as a little preview!

Here I am inside my robe before the shower and the steam bath


Here I am after the shower and steam bath (I didn’t stay in the steam room for long because I couldn’t breathe!) Do you like steam baths? HOW do you breathe in that place?!


The famous ginger tea. Ahhhhhh this thing is the besssst! It was like drinking relaxation from a cup!


The rest of my The Spa experience will be written in a special post, so please stay tuned! After The Spa, I went out by myself again. Went to The French Baker for dinner and ordered soup starter! This was chicken and corn + a lavash wedge.


I also had beef lasagna. I inhaled all of this in 10 minutes because I had to catch a movie showing!


I watched Dark Shadows that night. Perfect way to end my Saturday night.

June 3, a Sunday, I went out by myself yet again. I went shopping and watched another movie! Snow White and The Huntsman was AMAAAAAAAAAAAAZING! I am so in love with Thor! That was definitely so much better than Dark Shadows!

Anyway, for the stuff I bought, I went to Chris Sports Plaza and bought myself weighted calf sleeves! 3 lbs each. They were from the Jillian Michaels line! She motivates me so much! These calf sleeves are definitely a great addition to my workout routine!!! I swear, you’ll already sweat during the first few reps! This was for PHP 1,035.00


If you go around SM, you probably would have seen these! These are flats from Solemate and you can get 2 for only 499.75! (Or was it 399.75)? Basta it was on a Buy 1 Take 1 promo! I got a pair in black (for school) and pink (for whatever) The other downside to these is that they easily get wet! NOT recommended for rainy days.


The meal I had from The French Baker again before watching Snow White and The Huntsman. Isn’t this cute? It’s the soup on a bread bowl with my favorite soup in it! Potato and bacon! Mmmm…


The products I used during one of my post workout baths. I tried out the Body Language products 4U2 Philippines sent to me for reviewing. They definitely smell SOOOO nice! <3 And on the right you can see the Pevonia Botanica Phyto Gel Cleanser. Just a new skincare product I am trying out. I am currently on an AcneDote break. Apparently, you should not use it continuously and have breaks in between to avoid overdrying of your skin!


More Instagram photos to share in the next days, babies! See you until then!


  1. Get a wet cold towel and cover it on your face! While in the steam :)

  2. In steam baths, I normally ask for a pail/mini tub with iced water and towel. I soak the towel, get rid of excess water then place it on my face in order for me to breathe. It helps, promise. :)

  3. You put make up really really weeeeell. I'm so jealous.. I wish I had the skills.. :-/ Your make up tutorials are awesome. And I love yer blog ♡ xx Forever Nineteen

  4. Found a use for that hourglass. :P

    I use it to time how long I wash my face. :D

  5. I also ♥ the smell of dark kiss! Like sexy chocolate if that's even possible to say! haha