Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Shoes, Makeup Shopping & Jogging

Hi everyone! I’ve been pretty busy lately and I haven’t blogged about IG photos in a while! Let me fill you in on what you’ve missed so far…

Ohhhh rameon. This was during one of the dinners I had at Hanayo (Antonio Street, along Dapitan, near UST) This is just THE best. *Although I’ve been cutting back since it puts all my workout to waste.*


There was one day last week that I woke up really early so I went out in the neighborhood for a jog! It was a beautiful day! You can watch the vlog I filmed that day below this photo:


Who says eating healthy sucks? Look at this yummy meal!


Did a super easy video on this look (although you can’t see the real colors in this photo) You can watch the video below this photo:


Gave this Shredded Wheat cereal from Post a try! Tastes okay. Fills me up really fast!


Went shopping (which was not really part of the plan) Watch my haul video on these babies below this photo:


I haven’t bought any new foundation for the longest time (thanks to sponsors!) But I finally got a new one to try out! This one’s from Tony Moly! It’s amazing! I did a first impression video on it and I was just really amazed. Watch the video below:


Aren’t these soooooo pretty? I totally fell in love with these blush colors! All from the brand Shawill :)


Lashes overload! Bought these for the sake of making a lash tutorial video. Well that’s how it goes! I spend money to earn money! Watch the Tagalog lash tutorial below:


Delicious healthy dinner.


OBSESSED with MAC REBEL (Watch the vlog wherein I wore this look below)


A screenshot for my haul video


Been vlogging so much lately and asked everyone to help me pick out which shoes to wear!


Red pumps from Poppy & Co.


Green heels from CMG (thanks to CMG for sending this over!)


Red & Pink heels from CMG (thanks to CMG for sending this over!)


And to top it all off with a beautiful sunset :)



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  1. wow sarap naman nung healthy food. i want! i want :)

    i really love ur heels too ♥