Wednesday, 3 October 2012


September 30, 2012

I woke up feeling much better! The only thing that hurt today are my mouth sores (singaw) My mom bought me Dolfenal (Mefenamic Acid) and Daktarin (oral gel) to alleviate the pain of my mouth sores. I had soup for my first meal, and bought mashed potato from Kenny Rogers for dinner. I also had milk tea without the pearls! Everything is A-OK. Well, except that my mouth still looks sore. I was able to stock up on ortho wax!!! I found a nearby dental station at our local mall! I got 2 sets of ortho wax for 85.00 each :) Oh yeah, I tried eating pizza but my tummy ached because I kept swallowing without chewing. HAHAHA. No bueno. No solid food till further notice.

Brushing still hurts because of my mouth sores. Ortho wax is my savior. PLUS, my ORABRUSH & TONGUE FOAM!!! Gets rid of all the ickiness in my mouth! Fresh fresh fresh. :) See? These sponsored things come in handy! No kidding!

October 1, 2012

A NEW DAY! I woke up feeling okay! :) Had soup for super late brunch. I still have my mouth sores. When I don’t speak for a long time and then move my mouth, they HURT SO BAAAAD. I’ve been drinking less water that I usually do, so I think I gotta work on that. Went to the salon with April today, and my sponsor ordered pizza for us!!! So there I was, swallowing without chewing again!!!!! No tummy ache, though. :) When I got home I had some soup again + sausages (the super soft kind) I get hungry so easily.

MAJOR CHANGE NOTICED: MY LEFT sungki teeth MOVED!!! OMGGG it MOVED!!! It’s starting to align itself! BUT my right sungki teeth seems to have moved back even more.

I spend over 30 minutes with my oral hygiene. It’s such a chore. I brushed my teeth, scraped my sores on my super rough braces (I felt like crying when that happened over and over while I was brushing) used my ORABRUSH and TONGUE FOAM to clean my tongue, gargled Betadine mouthwash (for my mouth sores), applied ortho wax, and treated the sores using the Daktarin oral gel.

Now it’s 4:52AM and I’m hungrrrry.

October 2, 2012


My braces feel a WHOLE LOT BETTER! My sores are almost gone, Daktarin is a great help! I’ve been drinking a lot of water today. I had banana smoothie when I woke up, mashed potato and crème brulee for my super late brunch, and I was able to eat siopao!!!! Without chewing! LOL I just swallowed small pieces of it. I had tea today. Brushing my teeth FELT BETTER! Brushing would hurt too much before [because of the teeth AND the sores] that I cry while doing it. But now I can do it without pain! My Orabrush + tongue foam is amazing as always.

Well, I guess what they told me in the beginning is true… IT GETS BETTER!!!!

My teeth are MOVING!!!!!!! I SWEAR I CAN FEEL IT. And I can see a lot of difference!!! Especially my left teeth (sungki) It is moving its ass to the line. I love it.

October 3, 2012


MY BRACES FEEL SOOOOO MUCH BETTER NOW! No more sores!! I was able to eat PHO GA! (Chicken noodle soup) :) My mouth is not longer swollen, I can speak properly and…that’s it!!

I am so happy! My teeth are aligning day after day.

I’ve read comments on my Youtube from people who also got braces the same time I did, I’m blogging my progress to make them feel like we’re IN THIS TOGETHER!!! It TOTALLY gets better, babies. They [people who told me it will get better] weren’t lying! HANG IN THERE!

Cheers to a perfect set of pearly whites! :)


  1. try pyralvex. worked best on me which is available over the counter. or get the medication from the dentist.. i forgot what its called, but it burns the mouth sore immediately. :)

  2. Hi!
    I'm happy for you :)
    Glad you're seeing results!

    Love your blog :D

    Want to follow each other?

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